Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Ridiculous Polaroid: 3 Ridiculously Awesome Photos

It is the weekend! Yay for Sunday and all that it brings:
  • Scott home all day
  • A family trip to the park
  • Excited that I could get everything on my list done but not too upset when NOTHING gets done.
  • Long lines at the grocery store
  • A bunch of delicious Scott-made food

I will start this whole silly photos thing off with one of me. I am in the running for the title of most ridiculous photos of herself. It is a hard competition though. My sister had a number of bad haircuts and my best friend, Christina... well, you will see. She's got a few pretty amazing photos floating around.

I am only going to post 3 photos at a time every 2 or 3 weeks. Ohhhhh suspense!

1. The story of the ridiculous Polaroid. Location: My dentist's office about 10 years ago. My teeth had just been cleaned. The dental hygienist told me she needed to take a photo of me. So, I barred my teeth as best as I could to make sure she got a nice photo of my pearly whites. After she clicked the button she looked at me a bit strangely. We waited for the photo to expose itself in awkward silence. As soon as the picture started appearing I said, "hmm you can't see my teeth all that well." She said, "Welllll that's because this is for our file so we can recognize you. Annnnd I'm not sure anyone can recognize that." She let me keep the original Polaroid. Thank goodness... now I get to share it with the world!

Just for comparison sake here is what I looked like most of the time back then. 

2. Let's start out slow with Christina. It is hard to believe but her photos get more ridiculously awesome from here. 
There isn't much of a story to this photo. It was 1992ish. Christina has always had amazing bangs and amazing eyeglasses. If we could only see what kind of amazing outfit she's wearing my day would be complete. Christina (aka Stewey or Maz), are you sure your glasses weren't on upside-down?

Just for comparison's sake here is the lovely lady these days:

3. Helloooooo Kelly! As you may have gathered from this post, my sister can be a bit of a nerd. On this laser-backgrounded school day each student was allowed to bring one prop for their school picture. Most of us chose stuffed animals. Kelly chose a microscope. Obviously, that is awesome! What is not so awesome is her sweet, sweet dress with a doily for a collar and the beautiful goiter that is coming out the side of her hair. The lasers really just topped the whole thing off!

And a more recent photo of my beautiful sister (so you don't think she is still rocking doilies)

There you have it... The first edition to The Ridiculous Polaroid and other ridiculously awesome photos. I look forward to showing you more in the near future. 
Apologies to Kelly and Christina who will most definitely be featured again!

Tomorrow is October 1st! Crazy how time flies. We will start the month off right with some Halloween talk tomorrow!


  1. Christina obviously wins this round. Thanks for putting updated photos so people know we turned out ok!

  2. I'm not sure i can vote b/c i'm in one of the photos, but i want to point out that although i have seen that infamous pic of kelly before, i don't think i ever knew that she actually brought the microscope in herself. I always thought it was a prop the photo people had that kelly picked out, and previously made fun of the photo people in my head for having such a ridiculously small faux-microscope that could only be used by baby scientists. Seriously someone explain to me why it's so small, was this like a pocket microscope she carried for on-the-go examinations?

  3. I remember those lovely desserts Scott made, it was the week after Cora was born and I was staying with you. Scott made some delicious meals that week (as always)!
    Now the other photos, they are pretty crazy but everyone's hidden beauty still shows thru.
    As your Mother I have to say that you were always beautiful and have certainly grown into
    even more beautiful adults. I remember that Santa whose lap Christina is sitting on. Cora's first photo with Santa was with the same one. Christina that is a lovely photo of you. What a beautiful bride you were.