Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New Chair For Cora

Scott's parents gave us an old child sized rocking chair that used to belong to Scott's grandparents. I love it and I knew Cora would love it. It just needed some TREAT.YO.SELF. fixing up love by my good bud, Mrs. Spray Paint.

We also have some wonderful adult sized rocking chairs and a PORCH SWING from Scott's grandparents. We never put the porch swing up in this house which was a big mistake. That thing is awesome.

Here is a photo of my lovely sister and I enjoying it at my last house back in the ol' decade of 00s. What do you call that decade? The choices will be presented in list form below.

  • The Aughts (Scott's name for them)
  • Double Oh Agents
  • The First 10 Years of Awesomeness
  • Getting Ready for 90 More Years
  • The Zero Heroes
  • T Minus 99
I had a throw a random list in for you. None of those titles are really grabbing me. This list may have to make a reappearance after some time with the think tank.

One more random thing. Look at the crazy storm that was rearing its' ugly head while we sat in that fancy swing.

OK back to the the ROCKING party!

Here I am carving a duck pumpkin for Halloween back in The Aughts. Check out those awesome rockers in the background. 

Those are the chairs that used to live with the porch swing, and our buddy, "lil porch swing" at Scott's grandparent's house.

I did a little spray painting with my favorite shade of green and here is how she turned out.

Perfect and I didn't even have to break out the sand paper.

Here is Cora enjoying her new chair. 

I had been outside working on a little painting project and I came inside to this scene. Scott was playing the ukulele and Cora was hitting/ eating her sticks. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

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  1. 2 Beautiful Daughters!
    Love the photo of you and Kelly on the porch swing.I remember that weekend and the storm.
    I do like Kelly's short hair. So many people have said to me tho how they love her hair long.