Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting Up Before The Sun (Way Before The Sun)

Good morning goooooood morning!

It is 6am and I have been up for about 30 minutes already. Surprisingly, it is not because my sweetie pie, little baby is up. She is still snoozing and that makes me very happy! I am up because I go to bed at 9pm. I like to act like I live with Dorothy, Blanch, and the girls (Yes, I figured that every other post needs a Golden Girls reference. Here was my last reference). And here is a photo of the gang because it makes me smile.

photo borrowed from here

Why do I go to bed at 9pm? It is not because I enjoying being a member of the Golden Girl Squad. Although, if that were an actual squad that I could join I would be all in. I go to bed at 9pm because my little, sweetie pie baby goes to bed at 7pm. Scott likes to make sure he gets some good, quality time with that little baby. He leaves for work by 5:30am in order to get home by 3 or 4. That way he gets a couple hours with Cora where she can do some of her favorite afternoon things.

I did warn you that Cora was going to get some serious post time.

A List Of Cora's Favorite Things To Do In The Afternoon:

  • Jump on Big Bear. We have an ENORMOUS bear stuffed animal that we have cleverly named Big Bear. Cora thinks it is hilarious to run over and jump on him.

  • Slap her belly. I'm not sure how she learned this trick but now when you say, "Cora, slap your belly" she will slap away and laugh and smile like it might be the funniest thing she has ever done.
  • Find something just close enough to the counter's edge that she can grab and carry around the kitchen while acting very proud of her accomplishment. This usually means that Cora carries around a dish towel for most of the evening. She likes to put them on her head and walk around like she is hiding under it.
  • Offer up her food while she is having dinner. Cora likes to try to feed me when I am giving her dinner  but she really likes to hold food out to people who are far away. She even likes to offer food to people on the phone or animals outside. 
  • Take every single book out of her basket of books, examine each one for about 5 seconds then throw it on the floor.
  • Zoom around in her "DJ Walker." She used to loveeeee that thing but now that she is a walking machine there is no longer any need for it. 

  • Help me with the laundry. When she hears the dryer door open she comes a-running. Mainly because she is looking for a dish towel that she can grab and run around with for a while.
  • Another sound that she goes wild for is the freezer door opening. Our freezer is on the bottom so it is just Cora's height. Exploring the freezer for the 5 seconds that the door is open is possibly Cora's favorite thing to do.
  • Find some tupperware and take the lid on and off and see what she can fit in it.
  • Put Kangy on our swivel chair and spin him around. Kangy is another cleverly named stuffed animal. I bet you couldn't guess... he is a kangaroo.
  • Point to a glass of water on the table and clap (meaning she wants some). When she sees a smoothie on the table she goes wild. It becomes Clap City USA at the Ross-Spencer household. She does not take her eyes off it.
  • Skype with Aunt Kelly or Grandmama. She doesn't get to do it all that often but when she does she is thrilled!!! We have found that the best time to Skype is while Cora is in her high chair. That way she cannot play "open and close" with the computer. She likes to blow nonstop kisses to them and they always get offered between one and a hundred peas.
  • Head for bed. As I have said before sleeping is not Cora's favorite thing but for some reason when you say, "Cora, it is time for bed" she will stop what she's doing and go straight for the stairs. She does love to climb the stairs so that could be part of the fun. She also likes to take a quick detour to give Big Bear a little jump on before bed.

There is a little taste of Cora in the afternoon. Can you imagine if Scott missed out on all of that fun stuff. 
So, that is why we go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am (OK maybe one of us wakes up half an hour later at 5:30am claiming she is still trying to catch up from lots of night wakings when Cora was 6 months old and younger).

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  1. That little sweetie looks so cute playing with her cookie cutters she got for her birthday!