Monday, September 10, 2012

Beautifying The Mail Box!

Our mailbox has needed some love and attention for a long time.
It has taken us four and a half years to finally getting around to it. The top of the post was a bit jagged looking and ivy had overtaken the entire thing. 

Finally, one day I guess Scott got sick of looking at it so he busted out his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt. He loves the 80s just like me! Actually, the TMNT shirt is in his junky work shirt pile. Whatever- at least he is representing!

The process was:

Step 1: Mark a level line at the top of the post and then saw off the jagged bits. 

Step 2: Glue a post cap onto the newly sawed off bit. Then blow all the saw dust off the mailbox (and make sure you get a photo of it!).

Step 3: Paint the post

Step 4: Clear all the ivy that had taken over 

Step 5: Put down new mulch (bag is pictured in the photo above) and beautiful flowers. Ok- here is where a little snafu happened. I did step 5 and wow! What a difference. I did not immediately take a photo. Thennnnn... I was pretty darn lax in the watering department. Those beautiful flowers are now no more. So you will have to wait until Spring to see the true after photo. Ohhhh boy will it be worth the wait. I know you will be counting down the days. 

Here is one more look at the before and after.


  1. Why does the top look like it is warped!!
    Big improvement tho!

    1. Aren't you clever seeing that warped top. I guess the cap is two pieces that are put together. They started separating after Scott glued it onto the mailbox. It is going to need a little tweaking... and maybe another blog post.