Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art For Kelly

My sister moved to Michigan. What a strange thing to say. 

My sister's neighborhood is gorgeous. The university that she is teaching at looks awesome. I am sure Michigan is great. I just didn't imagine that one day I would paint a bunch of paintings for my sister so she could pick which one she wanted to put up... in her house... IN.MICHIGAN!

My sister moved to Michigan.
Yep, it is still strange to say.

Michigan is so cold and so far away.

North Carolina was sad to see her go.

Michigan was excited to have her in town.

Here is a photo of my sister the day that she drove off to Michigan in her "Sweat Corvette," Sir Chauncy Weatherspoon.

Cora is CRAZY for her Aunt Kelly (pronounced Ahhhnt). She was soooo sad to see her go. After Kelly drove away Cora stood at the front door blowing kisses until I carried her away. It should also be noted that  Kelly is just getting some quick directions on her phone. She gave Cora plenty of attention before and after this photo was taken.

That sweet looking '97 Jetta did not have air conditioning for about 75% of the time it spent in North Carolina's 100+ degree summer. Hence the reason for the "sweat" part of its name. The "corvette" part is because my sister apparently fancies herself a corvette lady. If you knew her you would think that is insane.

Here is a List of the things Kelly loves. After you read it you tell me if this person would be the type of person who loves a Corvette. 
  • Harry Potter. Actually, ANY book.
  • Coffee
  • Hygiene products
  • The Back to the Future Triology
  • English muffins (LIKE THEY ARE GOING OUT OF STYLE)
  • School supplies
  • Dinosaurs
  • Anything with writing (if you want to have a conversation with her keep the magazines very far away)
  • UNC Basketball (this came on strong OUT OF NOWHERE 2 years ago)
  • The Beatles
  • And plenty of other un-Corvette-y things
Actually, now that I read this list Kelly sounds a bit like a 10 year old boy (a nerdy one) and 10 year old boys do enjoy a car magazine or two.

OK- back to the whole reason for this post... ART FOR KELLY.

Kelly asked me to paint her something for her new house. So I have painted 8 paintings (some are sets). Kelly gets to choose which one she wants. And you all get to come along for the ride (sorry, not for a ride in the "Sweat Corvette" though. Sir Chauncy is a busy beaver).

1. Three paintings in a tree! If you choose this one you get three!

2. This is Cora's favorite. She carried it around for a little while.

3. good, ol' spotty

4. circle time

5. Cora is testing out the durability of this painting.

6. Yep! Another painting in a tree!

7. circle bud #2

8. If you choose this one you get two paintings. The sweet hammock baby is not included.

OK Ahhhhnt Kelly, which one will it be?

Everyone else, I would love to have you weigh in on which one you think she should choose!


  1. I am going with 3:
    I don't think Cora being in the photo with these 3 have anything to do with my choice.
    Some of the other are a little scary with the red paint but do like them all especially like the turquoise paint but not the red in in.
    I think the one of Sad NC and Happy MI should be included.
    You have been one busy lady painting ALL those!
    Those are very nice setting our in your yard, the tree is pretty.
    Can Cora get any cuter!

    1. haha! I told you- the paintings do not come with the baby!

  2. What is that in Cora's hand?

    You forgot to mention Strawberry Twizzlers for Kelly!

  3. I would like them all, but since you won't let me have them all I will take 2, 3, 5, and 6, please. Thank you for painting them for me! You are an incredible artist and the world's best sister.

    1. Well good. I am glad you like them. Go ahead and choose a number please.
      Mama, Cora is holding her favorite block- the dog/cat block that I made. I am going to post about it soon!

  4. Voting!!! My choices are as follows and in no particular order: 1, 6, 8. Well, I guess that IS an order...number order but it's not ordered by which is my favorite.