Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pressure Washing The Driveway

Did I blow you away with that post title? I know you're getting excited! This is almost as exciting as cleaning out the gutters!

Well guess what... BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS! Not my finest B&As. I am still learning all the B&A tricks and tips. But I am telling you: pressure washing can make quite a difference.

Scott worked all day one Saturday getting this driveway spic and span. He came in smelling like gasoline and with a couple of blisters but that driveway was looking good!!!

Here she is... the PRESSURE WASHER.
You can see the reflection of my legs in the garage door window. Check out those cool pants. They are from my best Australian buddy, Louise. They are "Vegemite" pants. In case you haven't heard of Vegemite... it is a condiment that those crazy Aussies put on everything and it is THE GROSSEST!

Before and after! The befores are at the top of the photo and the afters are below it! What a difference!

This section in the middle of the driveway that is white is obviously the section that has been pressure washed. Isn't she a real gem!?!?!

I am sure that I wow-ed you beyond belief with my fancy before and after of THE DRIVEWAY. Just in case you were not satisfactorily wow-ed I am going to post a list that is sure to wow your socks off.


  1. I can't believe there have not been any comments on this mind boggling post!!!

  2. Wait...there is an interesting reference to Vegemite. No matter what you say about it you got a taste of it when you were little. I'm sure it has a lot to do with why you are so strong now.

  3. Actually, we were visiting when this was taking place and want to commend Scott on his hard work.
    He did a great job and it was not a fun thing....very noisy and messy.