Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beautiful leaves and more light!

I have not introduced you to the beautiful views and trees that came with my house. I don't want to overwhelm you with too much beauty at once. Let's start slowly.

On my deck I have a hammock that has a canopy of trees over it.  One day, I was lying on that hammock and realized how beautiful the leaves above me were.  So, I started taking photos and got some really neat ones of the leaves.

Our living room had no overhead lighting when we moved in. The ceilings are maybe about 18 feet tall and it can be a darkness factory in there at night.

Scott came up with the idea of putting a light on one of the highest walls in the living room. We wanted spot lighting so we could light up different areas of the room. So I looked around and found what I was looking for at Lowes. I bought one bar that you can attach a whole bunch of fixtures to. The bar is black and I chose five black lights to go with it. 

I don't have a very good before photo but the top right hand corner of this photo is where the light fixture started.

Here it is from another angle

We have a handy man (actually, he is more than a handy man. He can do ANYTHING house related. He does it all perfectly. We are some serious lucky ducks finding him). He figured out a way to pull the electricity from a different room and connect the light with a remote. It is perfect!

Presto! We now had a well lit living room and a new area just aching to have some art on it.

How I made my leaf art:

  1. I bought eight large black frames that are not meant to be picture frames. There are meant to have fabric stapled to them.
  2. I painted them black. 
  3. I bought some foam board and cut it to fit in the frame.  
  4. I picked my four favorite photos and made about twenty copies of each one.
  5. I cut pieces of each photo into 128 equal sized squares.
  6. I glued rows of four equally spaced onto the poster board.  
  7. I spent a long time making sure all of the frames were spaced evenly in all directions on the wall. That was the hardest part.

Here they are in all of their green glory


  1. The dining room is my fav room in your house. Love the leaf prints as well.
    I do not like having to decypher the mystery word after posting.....I am not a robot!!!

  2. Thanks, Mama! I am sorry about that the blog thinks you are a robot!