Friday, September 14, 2012

Fresh, Light, Beautiful Kitchens

I got all excited about the idea of fancying up a kitchen recently. Thoughts were running through my head of redoing the cabinets, changing out the lighting, the flooring, counters, sinks, adding a back splash, fruit bowls, everything.

I began looking at some beautiful kitchens for inspiration. Well guess what! I am going to let you, my friends, in on the fun!

I love a bright, open-feeling, kitchen with lots of light!

Here are 19 examples from some hard-working, talented folks.
This one reeled me in with its beautiful grey walls, the gorgeous greens outside and the wooden beams. This wonderfully-windowed kitchen is from here.
Look at those subway tiles! Look at those glass cabinets! I'm ready to move in. The photo is from these talented folks.

I love the vaulted ceilings on this one and the long bar. These are the fireplace lovin' people who I borrowed the photo from.

This is a house I could imagine growing up in. I would be doing my homework at that island (at 2am because I am a terrible procrastinator). I would be making my pierogies on that stove. I would be breaking those pretty bowls and plates by spastically trying to juggle the oranges. Check out the bead board backing to that bookshelf!

This is one bright and modern kitchen. If I lived here I would definitely feel like I was vacationing in Stockholm but I don't see any problem with that!

Hello backsplash! What a pretty thing! I wish I could see what they are hiding in that open area under the sink. The photo is from these sneaky people.

Add bright yellow into any room and I will be a happy camper. I love how they have cabinets all the way up to the (very tall) ceiling. No wasting here! What a lovely, airy door! This photo is from these  yellow-lovin' dudes (probably dudettes too).

This kitchen has combined lots of different styles and they have done it well. What a fresh, light, beautiful kitchen. Photo from here.

WHAT IN THE WORLD! Who has a view like that? Why have I not been invited. To the people who own this kitchen: Yes, I accept your invitation.

LOVE the industrial look mixed with the calming blues and the awesome backsplash. This is the kind of kitchen where you have a good time making deviled eggs (?) just like the folks above. Photo borrowed from here.

SMART PEOPLE! See through cabinets when you have a nice window and lots of light on the other side of them. Adding some subtle grey tones and beautiful pendant lighting certainly didn't make me turn my nose either. This beaut of a kitchen was found here.

Clever! I am very impressed at how they were able to make this tiny kitchen feel so big. Those floors are driving me wild! Drool-worthy floor photo from here.

How lucky to have two windows in a fairly small kitchen. The bar really opens the space up! I love the wood counters! Photo on loan from here.

What a neat grouping of bottles at the top right of the page. That space is perfect for it. I love that they used a vintage-looking cabinet for the wet bar. Once again, I am digging the back splash on the back wall. This lovely space was found here.

Bead board bead board you are nifty! I love the idea of having a shelf stop right at the top of some tall, bead board wasinscottng. This fresh kitchen was found here.

This one is not exactly fresh and light but it is beautiful. AND look what I see hiding on the left side of the picture. I think I see a loft!!!!! Photo from here

Ohhhh la la! That FLOOR! That ceiling! That beautiful pendant light. This kitchen is wonderful! They even snuck a bunch of my favorite color, green, all over the place. Image from here

This one is a bit country and  a bit shabby chic. All of the light and the wood ceilings are what caught my eye. I do love some yellow and grey too- those are some funky cabinets! Image from here

Last but certainly not least is the gorgeous kitchen from the the clever folks over at Young House Love. They magically turned a dark, wood-paneled, claustrophobic eating factory into this fresh, light, and beautiful kitchen. Image from here.

Our kitchen at our current house is just fixed up enough that the anti-waster in me would be very upset about changing anything. I really like our kitchen and boy oh boy do we have a beautiful view (with lots of windows to show it off). 

All of these fresh, light, and beautiful kitchens have got me itching to get my hands on a real fixer-upper.


  1. You sure love backsplashes!
    I'm so glad you get excited about decorating!

    1. I do love a good back splash! I think they can really add some character to the space!