Tuesday, August 28, 2012

80s Cabinets

The first thing from my list of things to change on the house we are interested in is the sweet, sweet 80s cabinets.
ps I like that the dishwasher has the clean/dirty magnet on the front. I was pretty stinking excited when one of those showed up on our dishwasher when I was little. Seriously, that thing is C L E V E R.

Here is a photo of the kitchen in the house we are interested in. Replacing the cabinet doors would be fantastic but the budget master in me knows it isn't feasible. I think a little paint and some new door pulls could go a long way.

Below is a before and after that I found here.
I would probably go white but I like their bold grey choice!

I know the appliances were replaced too but what a difference some paint and hardware makes!


  1. The gray makeover looks fantastic. Are you going to paint your cabinets gray?

  2. Probably not. The new kitchen has low ceilings. I think white cabinets would help to hide that lovely feature.