Thursday, August 30, 2012

Already sad about the idea of leaving

We got the house! 
It looks like we will be moving into our LAKE HOUSE in Davidson in a year.
I am so excited but my stomach is in enormous knots thinking about it. Usually, I love moving. The idea of getting rid of a bunch of junk, packing and unpacking is my thing. Sometimes I have dreams about unpacking and I wake up happy.
Reasons I am sad to leave this house:

  • It is beautiful.
  • It is spacious.
  • The views are gorgeous.
  • We have done so much work to it. I love it. Our new house has someone else's feel.
  • Going along with the last one- we put lots of money into fixing this house up and we won't have any money to fix up our new one.
  • I love our new master bathroom and we will hardly have a chance to use it.
  • There is SOOOOO much storage. My mom and sister keep loading me up with their junk and I still have enough storage space left for them to unload 3 more attics.
  • It has a garage. Our new house will not.
  • Everything is updated.
  • It has an awesome kitchen. Scott spends a lot of time cooking and I spend  a lot of time entertaining Cora in a play area in the kitchen. Our new kitchen is not so exciting. Scott will also really miss the gas stove and having two kitchen sinks along with about 50 other features in the kitchen.
  • The neighbors are great.
  • There is almost no yard maintenance. We have zero grass. We just have to do a tiny bit of leaf blowing and a little weeding here and there.
  • We are close to uptown Charlotte.
  • We have deer and owls in our backyard!
  • Cora was born here (well she was born in a hospital but this is her home).
  • Cora took her first steps here.
  • We have a laundry shoot! It is like a secret passageway! I was super duper excited to learn about it when we moved in here.
  • We lived here when we got married.
  • soooo many more reasons.


  1. Hey, I took all my junk with me when I moved! Don't blame me.

  2. This is true. You took all of the junk that you had stored here with you. However, you did unload a bunch of random things on me before you left. I now own 2 head massagers. Good thing it is Cora's new favorite toy.

  3. I believe the junk I bring to you is originally your, barbies, books. OK so you didn't need all your art work and school papers from Pre-school.