Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loftin' it up!

About my love of lofts:
  • I love to rip pages that inspire me out of magazines and catalogues. I cannot tell you how many of those pictures have been of lofts (and of beds in alcoves). 
  • I was obsessed with bunk beds when I was young because I knew it was the closest I was going to get to a loft. 
  • I was thrilled to get the top bunk in college! Anyone who had their dorm set up with two top bunks and desks, etc under the bed got instant awesome points from me.
  • I love the idea of a library ladder and lofts can make that happen.
  • A loft is like a secret little hideaway.
  • Lofts are the best location to have when you are in a dart battle. I learned this from many years of ski trips and the mandatory dart gun battle that comes along with them.
The house that we are looking at has a perfect place for a loft and it would add some much needed square feet.

Here are some photos of lofts that make it work! *sorry I didn't save where I borrowed these images from.

I like how this one used the end slopes as storage.

Funky! Kelly, this is your color!

Love the modern railing

 I like the little alcove at the top left. 

Open! Good Lighting!

Cool spiral staircase 

What a view! Amazing windows! How cool to get to experience that view from an even higher level 

 Beautiful beams!

Fantastic bookshelves!

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