Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Go Out. Be Great.

Recently, my childhood friend, Katie Fulmer Baker, tragically lost her five year old son, Nate. I had the pleasure of meeting Nate and he left quite an impression on me. He was sweet, friendly, and best of all, very silly!

Despite their unimaginable tragedy Katie and her amazing family were quick to make sure they could honor Nate's memory. I applaud them immeasurably for finding a way to make good out of terrible.

They set up a foundation for a new playground at Nate's school. They know Nate would have loved it. People are generous... in the first week they raised about $25,000! They now have more than $40,000 (including $7,800 that the PTA received in Nate's honor). They are closing in on the $50,000 mark, which is the amount needed to start construction on the playground. After they reach their initial goal they plan to continue with more projects as a non-profit organization. Katie, her family, and her friends are using the slogan, "Go out. Be great" to inspire the world to do just that.

They also have a website where people can share stories about Nate, donate, and stay updated on the progress of the playground.

I will try to honor Nate every day by being a bit more like him- sweet, friendly, and SILLY! 

I will try to Go Out. Be Great.

Go ahead and try it yourself... hold the door for someone when you're in a rush; send your dad a card; volunteer; dance around in a field; meet your neighbors; play on a playground; smile just to smile; if someone inspires you- tell them; if you love someone- tell them; really be there for someone who is hurting; teach your baby how to dance; let someone in front of you in the check-out line. Above all, be sweet, friendly, and very silly!



  1. Laura, This is a beautiful tribute to a special
    little boy. His days on this earth may have been cut short but what an impact he is making on people who knew him and his family. It says a lot. The simple Go out.Be Great is an inspiration to everyone.
    I think you already are sweet, friendly, silly & great. I love you!

  2. I agree with Mom. This was very moving and inspiring. I'm glad you wrote about Katie and her family--they seem like incredible people.

  3. What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful boy!