Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cora's First Month. My Favorite Photos!

It is the weekend and that means I am going to give you a super easy post! And one that makes me very happy!

I am my mother's daughter. I LOVE to take photos. I have been accused of not living the moment because I am too busy photographing the moment. This all got about 500 times worse when Cora was born.

Photos are important to me! 

Let me introduce you to the first month of Cora's life... shirtless Scott, and all.

This photo was taken only an hour or so after Cora was born. Such a happy time!

Such a happy Granddad! Newborn babies definitely bring out the biggest smiles!

Scott was shirtless for a good portion of Cora's first 3 or 4 months. We were big on the "skin to skin." Dads can do it too!

Boo and Pop meeting Cora for the first time.
It is so hard for me to remember her being such a teeny little baby. This photo was taken right before we left the hospital.

bringing our baby home

People aren't lying when they tell you what a crazy feeling it is to bring a baby home. You want to go back to the hospital and ask the doctors, "Are you sure you are going to let us take care of thing by ourselves?"

I have tried not to include many shirtless photos of Cora. I don't want her to be too terribly embarrassed later on but this one is too cute.

Scott had her outside right away.

This little baby slept for the first 2-3 days and then it was party time! Grandmama could not keep her eyes off of her.

A smiley baby!

Grandmama could always get a good burp out of Cora!

Cora's one week birthday celebration!

Oh Moby Wrap! How I love you!

Sweet, kissy baby!
So amazing to see her sleeping!

Cuddly, little bathtime baby
The start of the no sleeping baby!

We are weirdos in this photo. But this is our favorite spot in the world. We brought Cora to check it out as soon as possible.

I will be back tomorrow with Step 1 and 2 of The Master Bedroom Chronicles!


  1. I seem to remember being at the hospital when Cora was born!

  2. I love that pic of her in bed next to a sleeping Scott. She ALWAYS had her eyes open...she didn't want to miss a potential party!