Friday, October 19, 2012

Speaking Of I Dream Of Jeannie...

My dad is in Cocoa Beach, Florida right now. And that just happens to be where the majority of I Dream Of Jeannie was set.

Coincidences gone wild! Earlier today I was talking about I Dream Of Jeannie houseboats and now my dad is living it up on I Dream Of Jeannie Lane.

He went and checked out Lori Wilson Park. The park showcases Florida's natural coastline. It has a nice boardwalk surrounded by nature, hammocks, and plenty of normal park things.

He came across this sign and took a photo for me.

They even named a street after I Dream Of Jeannie.

And now for a few IDOJ facts:
  • Jeannie was 2000 years old.
  • Barbara Eden was pregnant during the filming of season 1.
  • Tony and Jeannie finally got married in season 5. However, the guests were told they were not allowed to take photos. Genies don't show up in photos (duh!).
  • On the show, all of the characters drove Pontiac automobiles.
  • Season 1 was filmed in black-and-white because NBC did not want to pay for the extra expense of filming it in color (The network did not believe the series would last beyond one season.
  • Although IDOJ was set in Cocoa Beach only one episode was actually filmed there.

You are welcome for the thrilling second post of the day! I knew you needed a little more IDOJ in your life.

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IDOJ facts from here and here

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