Monday, October 15, 2012

The Master Bedroom Chronicles: Step 4 And The Start Of The Daily WYR

This past weekend Scott and I went to the lovely and very fun wedding of one of his college friends. It was my first weekend away from Cora and it was a great time... the groom even did a little Young MC- Bust A Move solo! We got to see lots of Scott's college friends. As usual, Scott was tossing out lots of Would You Rather questions. His friend, John, said that he would answer a WYR every day. So, today is the day that the daily Would You Rather (WYR) question starts on Never Listless. It will be at the end of the post. Answer away (John Ake- that means you).

I am going Chronicle-wild around these parts. It is time to take a jog back to The Master Bedroom Chronicles. We are in Step 4 or as the New Kids on the Block would say, "Step Four. I can give you more."

Step 4: Redo an old chair for the desk.

Wooooooooooo! A peak at the after photo first!

Once again, I am a bit of a lame-o when it comes to having a proper before photo. The chair was a brown chair with a fake leather seat cover. It came free with my art deco vanity on Craigslist. I didn't even want it, but they insisted it was part of the deal. So, I took it.

You can see the black, fake leather seat pad in this photo.

I am glad they forced it on me because now I love the chair and am not so fond of the vanity. 
This chair lived in the garage for the first two years that I had it. I was under the impression that the seat would be almost impossible to remove and reupholster. I had done some investigating and that was my conclusion.  A couple of years later, I took another look.  Maybe it was that I had a little more DIYing under my belt. Maybe I was blind the first time I looked. But, as you might be able to see from the photo, this chair is very modify-able!

I started the project immediately after realizing my mistake. Usually, I like to think about things, write some lists, look at lots of photos online, write some more lists. Then, about 3 months later I may take the first step in the project. This time, I was so excited that I went straight to seat-ripping. 

Next, I painted part of it yellow and part of it grey. It turns out I didn't like yellow or grey. I liked the original brown color. So, I had a sanding party. I taught that yellow, grey, and brown paint a lesson. 

I picked out a brown, glossy spray paint.  I found out that glossy was probably not the best idea.  As you can tell from the photos, I could not get the chair sanded down perfectly and the inconsistencies will show up a lot more with a gloss finish than with a flat finish.  

Next up... break out the fabric stash. I found the perfect one right away (because I am a crazy lady with an enormous bin of fabric who doesn't even sew).   I am obsessed with this Amy Butler fabric.  

I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat cushion.

Spray paint time! The key to good spray painting it patience! I like to do 3-5 thin coats about 3 hours apart (depending on what the can recommends). I am not a patient person. I want to spray up a storm and get it all done in one shot. But everyone knows what that leads to- drip city and thick, gooey paint that peels off easier and just doesn't work out. 
Usually, I try to save up my spray painting to do list for one big paint extravaganza. Since I will already be spending lots of time waiting for one project to dry I hardly notice if I throw a few extra projects in.

Other spray painting tips:

  • sand before you paint
  • don't spray very close
  • wear gloves
  • use a mask
  • have good ventilation
  • lots of drying time

 I put the seat back on and YAY... I had a beautiful, new chair... one that I can't believe I tried to pass up for free.

Step 1: Move in. Throw a bunch of random stuff into the room and live with it for a while to figure out how we wanted to use the space.

Step 2: Rearrange the furniture and add a seating area.

Step 3: Redo a desk with a funky chevron pattern.

Step 4: Redo an old chair for the desk.

Step 5: New comforter and lamps.

Step 6: Headboard, Part 1

Step 7: Make some wedding related art.

Step 8: New entertainment center.

Step 9: Add some new art

Step 10: Headboard, Part 2. Finishing touches. Try to bring it all together.

The New Kids on the Block's Step by Step:

Step 1: We can have lots of fun 

Step 2: There's so much we can do

Step 3: It's just you for me

Step 4: I can give you more

Step 5: Don't you know that the time has arrived. HUH!

cover image of another cassette that I wore out from here
Donnie, you are lookin' COOOL!

Here is a little reminder of what the Master Bedroom turns into after all of the steps are complete:

You want more chronicles? You're ready for the next chapter of The Master Bedroom Chronicles? I am sorry to tell you that it's not here yet. But go ahead and catch up on the rest of your stories: The Nursery Chronicles and The Bonus Room Chronicles. 

WYR... Get home and there is a deer in your kitchen. It didn't mess anything up  getting in but you have to deal with getting it out.
or your house smells like pickles for a month.

This WYR is from Scott courtesy of a 6 hour drive.


  1. Great job on the chair and your MBR looks beautiful. As for the WYR, that is a no brainer - the deer in the kitchen. If it doesn't do any damage all you are left with is a good story and who wants their house to smell like pickles for a month. I hope your future WYR questions are tougher than this one.

    1. The deer didn't mess anything up YET! you have to decide if you can get it out without making too big of a mess.
      Yes, Scott and I both thought that the story alone might make it worth whatever mess is caused.

  2. I would totally want the deer in my kitchen! How cool would that be?! I might try to keep that little bambi for myself and not try to get rid of it.
    Love the chair and LOVED seeing you this weekend!

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  5. I love the NKOTB step by step outline. Thank you for that important service.

    I would go with the pickles. I like the smell of pickles. Dad and Scott's "good story" is basically the same logic as "think about how much money you could make on the carnival circuit," and I don't buy that logic AT ALL!

  6. Sara, why you censoring yourself, girl? We want to hear what you have to say.

    1. Sara, we lost your comment all together. Sara chose deer and said that last year, a deer jumped through the window of the art room at her school. crazy story.

  7. I wasn't haha my comment showed up about 397 times I was trying to get it out of there!

  8. Beautiful!!!! Miss decorator! I hope you don't mind but I shared this with Marcy and she loved it!!

    I'm going with Pickle the smell of pickles...I do not want an animal in my thanks!

    1. Yay! Of course you can share it with Marcy. You can share it with whoever you want... especially Marcy!!

  9. Deer in the kitchen. Both of these things are awesome by the way.