Friday, October 19, 2012

Time To Go Houseboatin'

Good Morning You Lovely People You!

Today we are diving into an exciting way to live.

Tom Hanks had one in Sleepless in Seattle. Writer, Shel Silverstein, lived on one.
I am talking houseboats here, people! Let's take a look!

Tom was looking for love while living in this cute Seattle-d floater in Sleepless in Seattle.

This is an awesome houseboat although it could be mistaken for a ride at an amusement park.

The Ikea houseboat.

I'm not convinced that this one is a real boat. It is looking a bit bogus. I think Barbie ditched the dream house and got herself a fancy, new houseboat.

Probably not the best idea to have this on a houseboat. I guess they will not be entering their houseboat into a wave runner bounce-a-thon.

This houseboat has a problem that I know how to fix. 
The problem: 80s cabinets in need of a transformation. You can find it on land or on water.

We will call this one the I Dream Of Jeannie houseboat.

Seriously, I have no doubt that last one was modeled after the inside of Jeannie's bottle.

If you think that is all I have to say about houseboats you are wrong! I still want to tell you about Sausalito, CA and a cool place I found while googling around for houseboat photos.

One day you might even get to take a trip with me to check out the inside of some neat houseboats. I bet they make pretty efficient use of their space. Yes, a plan has been made. We will learn some tips from houseboats about how to make small spaces feel bigger!

This party isn't over yet... we still have the Would You Rather of the day!

WYR... Have to use a porta-potty for half of  your bathroom visits (just your average, run of the mill porta-potty. It isn't your own personal one. You have no say in how often or how well it is cleaned)
Never be able to leave the town you are currently in ever again?

image sources: Tom's house, amusement park, Ikea HB, Barbie HB, teapots, 80s cabinets, I Dream Of Jeannie HB, IDOJ pinktastic bottle


  1. Well, the WYR is easy for me, even tho I loathe Porta pottys. I have to go with the Porta Potty choice.
    Never being able to leave the town I live in now...that is not going to happen!

    I have actually been to Sausalito, CA and seen the house boats there, think i even have a photo. This was back in 1976 so I'm sure they have changed a lot since then but they were very cool back then.
    What inspired you to blog about house boats....btw the second photo is NOT a house boat!
    I think it should be mandatory to include a photo of Cora in every blog you post!

  2. This would you rather is bogus. I'm not going to go track down a random porto 1/2 the time i need to go---which is a lot---, but I would be fine with using it half the time if it were right outside my house....i'd be in for the standin up out there.