Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Electronic Forcefield Strikes Again

I should probably call this post, "The electronic spaz field strikes again."

I give you my happy blessing to skip to the end of the post if you don't feel like reading about the following things:
  • my electronic forcefield
  • me boo yaing my dad in 5th grade
  • Cora's social Skype calendar

I told you a little bit about my electronic forcefield in the All About The Lists And The Lister section. My problem is that electronics like to bust up in my presence. 

The electronic forcefield has struck on numerous:
  • hard-drives
  • garage door openers
  • stereos
  • mp3 players
  • blow dryers
  • curling irons
  • lamps
  • cameras
  • even a musical keyboard or two (which is especially weird considering I do not play the keyboard)

I am a lover of electronics!
I am obsessed with digital photos; I use the google phone quite a bit; I love to blog; I love to email; and have been known to use the programs, Paint and Calculator. Needless to say, I spend a lot of my time hooked up to the world of electronics. So, tonight, when my electronic forcefield struck my computer my dancing jazz hands slowed down to a flutter. And I am sorry to say, they soon stopped their fancy moves all together.

My mom and my sister are big on Skyping with Cora. Even my 90 year old grandma Skypes with Cora! My dad just recently got into it too. Yay! They all usually call around the time that Cora is having her dinner and I put the computer on a stool in front of her.

Here is Cora Skyping with Aunt Kelly. Kelly just told Cora to put her "head down."

Cora offers them her food. I take it from her and give it to the screen. Then they pretend to eat it. Cora thinks it's pretty great! They test Cora out on her body part knowledge. My sister's favorite is to tell Cora to touch her head or hair. Cora goes straight for the noggin and greases it up good with her avocado hands.

Before I get to the point of the story let me just do a tiny bit more side-tracking.
My dad used to come in to eat lunch with me all the time in elementary school. I loved it! It was great! 

We were PROUD to be Garrisonville Gators!

My dad was kind enough to want to spend his lunch time with a 10 year old. It didn't hurt that he was also a big fan of school pizza! Finally, in 5th grade I told my dad that he probably shouldn't come eat with me every week anymore. That was about the same time I told him I didn't want to hold his hand in the mall anymore. They call that move the Double Crusher. I'm very sorry, dad! You are a wonderful dad and I should have been thrilled to have you come and eat with me. But I was getting ready to start middle school where you have to at least consider adopting a "too cool for school (aka parents)" attitude.

Back to the point:
Today, Cora only got to Skype with my dad for about 5 minutes. He called me on the phone and gave me a hard time about being too cool  for school and not taking his Skype call. I had just gotten home and I hadn't even looked at the computer yet. So, I pulled up the stool; put the laptop on it and called him on Skype. I got Cora's dinner ready quickly and then Scott walked in the door. Cora was starting to go ga-ga over Scott- she probably said "dada" 8,000 times today. She thinks he is the bee's knees. The scene was slightly chaotic so I told my dad to scram... that our Skype time was over. Actually, I said it very nicely. He jokingly accused me of pulling the old "you can't eat lunch with me" routine on him again. Somewhere during this whole mess the computer fell. I heard my dad saying things like, "what in the world! what is going on here? What kind of Skype call is this?" I picked the computer back up and it seemed alright. So, we said goodbye. Cora said goodbye about 10 times after we hung up. She loves saying goodbye. She says it in the most adorable southern accent you have ever heard. My heart melts when she says it.

Fastforward one delicious dinner by Scott and a baby in bed later... I went to get on the computer. Busted! Electronic forcefield struck again. The darn thing wouldn't charge. I grabbed my hard drive and backed up as much as I could before the battery ran out. I didn't get to back it all up. Most likely, the computer will have to be scrapped but we will be able to keep the hard drive. It won't be the end of the world if I lost everything because I try to back it up every month or so.

I suggested you do it here but I'm going to try to persuade you one more time.
Just think about it- if your computer was to suddenly be struck by my electronic forcefield how much stuff would you lose? How upset would you be? How much would you spend to try to get it all back?


  1. I'm sorry to hear your computer bit the dust. It seemed to be working fine despite a major fall. The good news is that now you can replace that piece of junk with a nice new Mac.

    1. Dear Mr. Loco For Macs Man, Did you hear that I live in Frugal Land? No chance we are getting a Mac.

      Also, I'm not sure that you have realized the bad news here... won't have Skype capabilities for a while!

  2. I hate to burst your bubble but I don't think there is an electric forcefield, I believe it is just that you are "should we say" a tad bit clumsey!!
    I am really sorry about your computer tho, especially since we won't be skyping for awhile.
    I'm sure Scotty pants will find a really good bargain somewhere.
    That is a sad story about telling your Dad not to come and eat with you anymore.

  3. I recognized so many people from that picture at Garrisonville! Where was little miss Murgo though? I know where I was....Anne E. Moncure, the COOL elementary school ;)

    Sorry about your computer though! Can you get insurance on a computer? I feel like you've been through a lot of them. I remember when the one you had in Arlington got flooded.

    1. I bet you do remember that flood! You know, I think there Is a chance that Jenny rose is one of the girls on my side.

  4. Poor reggie. I really enjoyed this post. You are a funny girl. And you have so much wisdom to share.
    PS. "Double Crusher" cracked me up.