Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Art In The Closet

Yes, that's the way we roll around here. Art goes everywhere... even in the closet. Especially when it is hiding my jewels (READ: my dollar store beads).

I used to have my necklaces hanging on hooks in the closet (FYI I LOVE HOOKS) but it was not doing anything to class the place up. So, I hid them! Clearly, that is the next step... hang your necklaces behind a piece of art. 

 I don't wear necklaces very often so this is a good solution for me. They are accessible but out of the way. Another plus to having them hidden is that Cora won't get ahold of them and tangle them into craziness.

I wanted something in this spot because it seemed too blank. I know that putting art in your closet is not the normal thing to do. But you can see the wall that I hung the art on very well from the master bathroom. And the blank spot was calling my name. 

Please excuse the half-doneness of the bathroom. It is a work in progress.

I figured out where I wanted the paintings to go and put them up.

I don't love these paintings. I will probably redo them soon. I will be sure to give you a little blog update when I do!

Then, I put a few extra nails behind them and up my bling bling went.

I have also considered putting canvas on a hinge to hide a flat screen TV. Art can hide all sorts of things- like ugly security system boxes or outlets. 

And now for today's Would You Rather question!

WYR... have to wear sunglasses all the time except for when you are sleeping

have to wear one (just one) huge pirate earring in your ear all the time (pictured below)?

happiest pirate ever image from here
PS this was another Scott WYR.


  1. Like the art work and the cleveriness of hiding the necklaces.

    WYR.....i do wear sun glasses a lot but not all the time and not inside, that is annoying but you know how i love my earrings and would hate to be restricted to one big hoop and only in one ear. So I will have to go with the sun glasses (are they the tinted kind that change when you are indoors?)
    btw..i'm ready for more Cora photos.

    1. you will get some cora photos this weekend.
      you do love your earrings!

  2. I would take the hoop earring but I would like to know where to get the rest of the ensemble- hat, eye patch, vest, scar. I think it all goes pretty good together.

  3. Sunglasses for sure....you know they are already on my head so I might as well wear them!

    1. you do love yourself some sunglasses on the head!