Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Favorite Cora Photos! 2 Months Old to 3 Months Old

It is the weekend and that means you never know what you are going to get on NL. Actually, that is not true. Most likely, you will get Honest Toddler, Best of Cora Photos, Would You Rather Questions or Ridiculous Photos.

Hello Coincidence! 
The best of Cora: Months 2-3 falls over October. So it includes my cutie, little Halloween-costumed-Cora-cow-baby!

Karate Kid! She might be doing mental Jiu-Jitsu on you right now.

Mandatory Scott and Cora being silly photo

This cute, little green machine wanted to wish her dad luck on an exam.

too much lovin' for the baby!

She LOVED looking at herself in the mirror on her play-gym!

Only 1 real naked baby photo! Things are getting better for 14 year old Cora!

Love this expression!

Surprise! I'm a cow!

Strong little thing intense on doing anything to stop lying on her stomach.

She needs a halo!

Cute, cuddly, sleepy baby.

Bug eyed frog bath baby

Aww I love this little baby!

Checking herself out in the mirror again! She loved talking to the little girl in the mirror too.

Snuggling with her big bear pal.

A baby wearing jeans! 

Thanks for the outfit, Mary! You are as pink-loving as the grandmas!

She's an owl at, her friend, Belle's first birthday party!

Someone hire Michael J. Fox's bud, Doc, to turn back the clocks. Time is flying by way too quick!

Here you will find The Best of Cora's First Month
Here you will find The Best of Cora's Second Month


  1. That is so true!
    Just adorable photos, Cora was so expressive!

  2. Great photos all but Cora the cow is a classic.

  3. That's is my signature color!