Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Master Bedroom Chronicles: Step 5

Hello hello! 13 more days until l Halloween. Today, I am taking a break from the spooky coverage and diving back into the world of chronicles... The Master Bedroom Chronicles, to be exact.

We are back with:

Step 5: New comforter and lamps.

Are you raising the roof with excitement? I know you have already seen the after photos but if you hadn't your knees would be knocking. The jitters would be upon you while waiting for one of the world's biggest reveals!

We have a California King mattress. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but it is slim pickins when you are looking for a California King comforter.  Unless you are looking for something made of velvet or something with kittens embroidered on it. I did not happen to be on the market for either of those options and I was sick of being in a constant google  search. Something had to be done.

So, a-shoppin' I went. 

FYI- I have to stop myself from using the' phrase in every sentence. 

For some reason, to me, blog writing means:
  • terrible punctuation
  • let the "And"s and "But"s start sentences whenever you want- forget the rules
  • an overabundance of the use of "'"
  • lots of "take a peak"s, "further ado"s, "woooo"s, and !!!!!!!!!!!s

Back to the a-shoppin'.
I felt like I had sufficiently scoured the internet for comforters to no avail. So, I moved on to every single store in Charlotte that sold them. I had luck in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Homegoods, and Target.

Here is one more look at the old comforter and lamps that needed to hit the road:

I know it seems pretty lame to put a comforter on your bed and then return it. But comforters are expensive and also hard to get right. You can't really know for sure how you will like something until you try it. So, I tried it. I washed my sheets before I tried them all out. I didn't sit on them, drool on them or gross them up in anyway.

Choice #1 was a fairly thin duvet from Target.  I love, love the pattern and it certainly brought the yellow and grey in that I was looking for. But, it didn't do anything to tie in the blue in the room. Also, it was hard to convince Scott to get excited about that much floral.
Thank you Target for taking my return.  I promise I took good care of your merchandise while I had it and I did my very best to get the comforter to fit back in the ridiculously tiny ribbon and cardboard you had it packaged in.

Choice #2 a thick grey comforter from Homegoods.  I picked it up because it was kind of a blank slate and I thought I could make it work.  I was wrong.  Thank you Homegoods for gratefully accepting my return.

Choice #3 was a comforter from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I put it on the bed and immediately knew it was the one!  Unfortunately, it was by far the most expensive.

Decided the extra expense was worth it... Choice #3 it was!!!

I bought new lamps that were more substantial and were not terribly hand painted by me (like the old ones).  I did the same thing with the lamps as I did with the comforters but I don't have photos of the process. I bought 3 or 4 sets of lamps and finally found one (JUST  ONE, not a set) that I loved.  So, I went to every Marshalls in Charlotte until I found its match.

That concludes The Master Bedroom Chronicles: Step 5. We are half way done! What will you do when they are over? I bet you will be begging for a spin-off like, The Master Bedroom Chronicles' Summer Vacation.

Note to self: When you retire read all over the Babysitter's Club books again. My eyes lit up with excitement when I came across this image.

Here they are again- all 10 Stepperoonies:

Step 1: Move in. Throw a bunch of random stuff into the room and live with it for a while to figure out how we wanted to use the space.

Step 2: Rearrange the furniture and add a seating area.

Step 3: Redo a desk with a funky chevron pattern.

Step 4: Redo an old chair for the desk.

Step 5: New comforter and lamps.

Step 6: Headboard, Part 1

Step 7: Make some wedding related art.

Step 8: New entertainment center.

Step 9: Add some new art

Step 10: Headboard, Part 2. Finishing touches. Try to bring it all together.

And  a little reminder of what the Master Bedroom turns into after all of the steps are complete:

You want more chronicles? You're ready for the next chapter of The Master Bedroom Chronicles? I am sorry to tell you that it's not here yet. But go ahead and catch up on the rest of your stories: The Nursery Chronicles and The Bonus Room Chronicles. 

To appease the grandparents...
This was from yesterday when we were raking leaves. FYI- it is impossible to keep a clip in her hair. So, hair is always in her eyes.

The Would You Rather (WYR) question of the day!
WYR... Have to eat 4 and a half feet of dental floss in one sitting
or a whole avocado pit in one sitting?

This is another WYR courtesy of Scott


  1. Yea....a Cora photo!! What a sweetie....that is a pretty fancy 'raking leaves' outfit. Maybe it's time to cut her bangs!

  2. Oh yes WYR....I think both of the options sound bad for your health. I will go with the dental floss.
    I guess you could take a little bit at a time or maybe mash it up with something else. Could also wrap around a candy bar...mmm that sounds good!

    I remember going thru the duvet (or doona as they say in oz) deciding process with you. The floral one was pretty but could never see Scott going with it. You made the perfect choice.

  3. that wyr is kinda the worst... how would you even the avocado pit without choking and dying? I guess i pick the dental floss. Cora is the cutest

    1. you're the worst. jk jk. yeah i wasn't thrilled with it but i really wanted more scott WYRs. His aren't always the best. (If you are reading this, Scott, I'm kidding. Yours are ALWAYS the best! please continue to give me more).

  4. I also pick dental floss. I don't see how you could even eat an avocado pit.

    Cora's a little girl! She's not a little baby anymore. It's not fair!! I'm not ready for her to grow up.

  5. Thanks for the super cute Cora photo. I think I'll sit this wyr out.....I don't see any upside.