Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloweens Of Years Passed

Costumes, costumes, costumes.

I love home-made costumes. A few weeks ago I showed you some random home-made costumes that I particularly enjoyed. And now, I am going to show you some random costumes from my past.

I was Pippi Longstockings, a lifeguard (normal thing to be when it is 30 degrees out), one of the 3 blind mice, Santa Claus, and who knows what else. 
Lucky for you, I am pretty good at taking photos of my awesome Halloween costumes. Also, lucky for you... my mom takes photos like she is the paparazzi.

Look at those cute chubby cheeks that my sister (Oscar the Grouch) has! My costume is pretty awesome (Mom and Dad, it doesn't like you threw it on me at the last second at all)!

I inherited Kelly's costume from the previous year and Kelly turned into Strawberry Shortcake. FYI Cora inherited these costumes too! My mom held onto them for 30 years. Unfortunately, when you put on the mask it feels like about 30 cats are scratching your face simultaneously. It is the most jagged thing I have ever seen.
Also, if my dad was looking at the camera you would see one amazing mustache!

I am guessing you have no idea who we are supposed to be . I will give you some clues below. 

Angela (aka Angus is pictured at the end of this post looking a bit more normal) is supposed to be Uncle Joey from Full House. Mark (in the middle) is Danny Tanner (please take note of the cleaning gloves). I am on the end and I complete the trio as Uncle Jesse.

Danny has DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle in his brief case. I am holding onto Nicky and Alex.

The reason we decided to dress as the Full House boys is that we found those infamous stonewashed jeans at a Goodwill. They are about a size 55 waist and are amazingly too long for me (I am almost 6 feet tall!). We saw one pair and were dumbfounded. Then we came across a second and knew it was destiny. We knew we had to buy them and we would figure out the rest of the costume later.

I am sure Scott would like it to be known that it was his idea to be a Smurf. I decided to copy him at the last minute because I had not thought of a costume yet. He wasn't thrilled to share his silly idea with me but that is part of the deal when you get married... if you are going to be a Smurf and your wife wants to be one too you let her. (I will have to add this to my list of life lessons).

So, here we are... just a couple of 6 foot tall Smurfs.

A Smurfette close-up for you.

And a close-up of, what can only be described as a "cool player Smurf."

You might need to prepare yourselves for the next photos. Sit down. Grab a glass of wine. Turn on the WWF.

This is what you have all been waiting for. You may not have known it but, trust me, it is.

Not so much me. I am just Jem from Jem and The Holligrams. No one has been siting around waiting to see that costume.
RIC FLAIR! That is why you all are here. Scott is dressed as the most ridiculous person in the history of people. And, if at all possible, Scott looks 1,000 times more ridiculous than Ric Flair ever looked.

In case you don't know him... here is Ric Flair. His skin is a sweet, fake-tanned hue of orange. His hair is blonde as blonde can be and borders on mulleted. His outfits are insane. 
the most ridiculous photo I have ever seen from here
If you know anything about Ric Flair you should know that Scott is saying, "Wooooooooooooo" here.

How did Scott come across one of Ric Flair's original robes with beautiful gold fabric sewn all over it? Is that what you are asking? 

This will probably surprise you. But that is a home-made Ric robe. I took a stroll to my favorite costume finding shop, Goodwill, and I came across a plain, blue robe. I bought it along with the ugliest gold pillowcase I have ever seen. And I made the glorious WWF costume that Scott is wearing proudly here. Face paint was purchased. A blonde, princess wig was bought. A championship belt was hunted down and purchased. Gym shorts were hiked up and turned into whatever you want to call what is happening there.

And that is how an amazing Ric Flair costume was born.

On a much less exciting note... Just for comparison's sake, here is what Jem looks like from Jem and the Holligrams.

Truly Outrageous image from here

You can't quite tell because I am hiding behind Ric Flair but I had the microphone. I had the fanny pack-looking tassle situation happening at Jem's waist. I even had the star earrings. The earrings are key- that is what Jem uses to turn herself into a rock star!

Please feel free to copy any of these costumes. In fact, I highly encourage it. However, if you copy the Ric Flair costume you MUST send photos. The photos will then be promptly posted on this blog!

Just a week left until Halloween... you better go get your Goodwill on!

And now... The Would You Rather question of the day:

WYR... have to wear full scuba gear to your son or daughter's wedding (and you have no explanation why)
or wear clown shoes and a red, rubber nose to work every day for 1 year?


  1. Love the Halloween pics...I remember those very

    I think the clown shoes and red rubber nose to work ..I would not want to traumatize my child's wedding pictures so I would rather make a fool out of myself at work.

    1. I think you could pull off the rubber nose. You are pretty silly. Good choice!

  2. Scott is obsessed with Ric Flair!!!
    You are very creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. I think Kelly & Daniel also had
    some good ones. the top photo the sheet randomly hanging in the background was supposed to be a
    ghost. It was hanging over the floor lamp, thank goodness it did not catch on fire.

    1. I'm glad it didn't start a fire too!
      Scott does love Ric!

  3. This is by far your best non-Cora post ever!!! I love Halloween! And you and Scott are the champion Halloweeners. Daniel and I had some great costumes (e.g. Gorbachev and Glasnost, Sid and Nancy, and my personal favorite, the many moods of Alice Cooper), but nothing compares to Ric Flair and Jem. Obviously they would be a perfect couple. There should be a Jem spinoff where she marries Ric Flair.

    WYR: scuba outfit. Maybe I would feel differently if I actually had a child, but I don't mind ruining my theoretical child's wedding photos.

    1. you people are cracking me up!
      jem and ric flair definitely should have gotten married although jem could do much better!
      maybe next year I get to post all of your old Halloween costumes!

  4. I actually had never seen ric flair before, so before I scrolled down I told Jeff that it looked like Scott was dressed as a colonial soldier, wearing a diaper and a wrestling belt he found in a time capsule from the future