Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving. Round 3: Kid-Friendly Decorations, And Fancy Candles

Kid-friendly decorations and candles- that just go hand in hand, really. 

So, let's get this party started because Thanksgiving just keeps getting closer and closer!

Cora isn't quite old enough to get involved in most of the crafts below (especially the ones involving candles). But what she can get involved in is dipping her hand in paint!

We have't tried this turkey-handprinted tablecloth idea yet but I think it is pretty darn cute! You could have every family member do a turkey hand print. You could do a new hand print every year or two and see how the hands grow. 

Maybe put your turkey hands some placemats? Treat yo' self with special placemat that only comes out once a year!

This website has some free Thanksgiving printables to help you turn your table into this:

Cora had some fun with pumpkins a week or so before Halloween. 

You know you love pumpkins! Go ahead and get your Thanksgiving decorating on with some fake ones.

This website has a great tutorial on how to make this adorable pumpkin:

Ehhh! This one is adorable but I am having a bit of anxiety about it. You know how I love my books. I hate the idea of teaching kids that it is OK to destroy them. I think this pumpkin project is only OK if you find a really terrible book that a dog has made 100% unreadable. 

Do you want to decorate your mantle or your fake white tree with some garland? 
Well, go ahead and make it out of leaves because it is going to look awesome!

Just trace some leaf shapes on various colors of felt and sew them together. If sewing isn't your thing you could glue them onto a ribbon.

Here is another example but this one is made out of paper. You could punch holes in each leaf and weave some yarn through each one. If you like the look of them being spaced out, just tie a knot after each piece.

I do love a thanks trees. Here's one more:

Drawing on placemats  is a cute idea. I guarantee that if I did it it would look ridiculous but somehow they made it look awesome. 
Either way, I bet your kids would think it's a fun thing to do!

On to the candles!
You are still reading this so you must be looking for a way to dress up your candles!

Everyone knows that your candle isn't going to be looking its best unless you throw a few corn kernels around it!

If you aren't into corn then you have 2 more options!


Or Cranberries!

You are welcome! I know your needs, people. And you needed some random kiddie decorations and fancied up candles.

The other thing you need is... 
Today's Would You Rather Question!

WYR... everything you say is in question form
wear one glove (just one) all day long 6 days a week (you pick which days)?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. OK I will work on it. Do you have any WYR suggestions?

  2. Ooooooo burn from Mum!
    Jean I think you WERE saying exactly what you claim you weren't saying. Though I agree with you that the book pumpkin is Awesomeness!
    I would definitely ask question, WYR. As a sad fanboy of politics it is well known that that is how they get to say what they want.
    Would you rather chips or a burger?
    Response; your question goes to the choice of my lunch, and I ask why should I choose just one? Surely in a free a democratic society I should have all lunch options available?

    1. Richard, I think you have made a good point and I look forward to you and your Michael-Jackson-wannabe-one-glove-wearing-self talking in questions all the time!

  3. The glove is by far the best option. I've been dishing out lots of would you rathers every day, and even yes/no ones....such as today's gem, would you change your name to paprika partridgefarmer for $34,000.

    1. I took the money but I felt him out a bit to see if there was any chance I could get paid more to be Paprika Partridgefarmer. And, it was $35,000 when you asked me! I will not accept a dollar (or a thousand dollars) less.