Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sardis Park Reopens

This is a little something for my Charlotte peeps!

Parks & Rec. style!

That's right people... 
It is time to Treat Yo 'Self to a little Parks and Recreation update!

We have a park close to our house called Sardis Park. It is right across the street from our favorite local farm.

The farm is open for business on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Often times, we will do the ol' farm-playground combo.

The park closed down for over a month for renovations.
But it is back! And it is back with a vengeance! 

Cora and I stopped by there yesterday to check it out and they have some pretty awesome stuff going on.

There were a few other spin-y type things to play on that you can't tell in this photo. If I were an 8 year old I would have lost my mind with excitement. I still constantly think about all of the amazing parks in Australia and how jealous I was of the kids who got to play on them all the time. This park is helping us even the score a tiny bit.

Cora still likes the swings best.
Cora Side Note... You see the shirt she is wearing above? Well, she is obsessed with it! Yesterday, we also went to the library and every person who said anything to her she would immediately start pulling at her shirt, pointing to it, and panting like a dog until she thought that they had sufficiently appreciated how awesome her shirt was. 

We gave the new slides and tunnel a whirl. Cora liked climbing all over the playground. But the big kids were giving us a bit of the stink-eye for taking too long.

So, we moved to the old toddler play area.

If I didn't have Cora with me I would have been swinging like crazy on the stand-up spinner.

And that is the end of my PSA about Charlotte Parks!



  1. Playgrounds sure have changed from those that I remember, probably for the better. We had quite a few options as to how to break bones. Those new spinner things look like fun.

    1. We will have to try the spinner out next time you come visit!

  2. Replies
    1. yes, we are lucky people to have it so close!