Friday, November 2, 2012

Entertaining A 14 Month Old Baby With... Leaves? Part 1

Let's get into Fall! And let's get into some baby entertaining!
How about we start with a little leaf stompin'.
That's the way we get into Fall around here!

Disclaimer: This post is a Cora overload. Grandparents, if it causes you to jump in the car and drive to see her I accept that.

One of the suggestions in my 365 Games Smart Babies Play book was a "leaf stomp." Leaf jumping and stomping was one of my favorite activities when I was little. Actually, I still love it. So, I was on board with that suggestion right away!

See all the craziness at the top? Someone around here brings this book with her to the gym. Then, she puts stickers and marks on the pages she wants to do next. The people at the gym think I'm normal.

I broke out a box we had from a recent Costco trip and filled it with leaves. Then, it was time to insert my babytoddler. She loves leaves! Loves them... maybe as much as me. But this little leaf stomp wasn't doing much for her. Don't get me wrong- she wasn't turning her nose up at it, but it just wasn't driving her wild.

She did, however, take the opportunity to taste a few leaves. By now, she should know what every single variety of leaf tastes like.

One of the reasons that she didn't fall in love with the leaf stomp may have been that earlier that day we did a for-real-leaf-stomp with no box restrictions.

Don't you worry- she didn't miss this opportunity to give the leaves a good bite.

If you are looking for other ways to entertain your baby or your babytoddler check out this post.

Dear Grandparents and Aunt Kelly, I know you have enjoyed the mayhem of Cora photos that the last two days have brought you. I will not be keeping this up. The good news is... I have one more Cora-filled post scheduled for tomorrow. The other good news is... Skype should be up and running by this weekend! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome, house-decorating, had-the-best-time-driving-to-school-with-her-every-morning, doctor-tastic, friend, Becca:

Becca is obviously wearing a beautiful birthday crown!

One last thing before the WYR. Walgreens is offering another free photo. This time it is a photo collage! Just enter the coupon code COLLAGEFREE when you checkout from Walgreens and you get a free photo collage! You have to use it by the end of Saturday, 11-3! Thanks for the heads up, Kelly!

And now the Would You Rather Election Question of the day!

WYR... elect Clarissa (from Clarissa Explains It All)

Punky Brewster as President of the USA?


  1. I LOVE MY CROWN!!!!! And my lack of eyebrows. Man high school was great.

    I would rather PUNKY!!!

  2. I'm in the car, see you in 6 hours...jk! One Ross at a time is enough for you this weekend.
    Those are such cute photos of the leaf stomping/eating little toddler. Maybe you could fill up the wading pool with leaves....woo hoo. Aunt Kelly could be in charge of that project. I remember the massive amount of leaves we had at Pinecrest Ct and how you guys loved playing in them, even Dundee got into the fun.

    Happy Birthday Becca! You look beautiful.....OK is it just a Mother thing or did anyone else
    get misty-eyed looking at those lovely women and thinking about how they have stayed friends thru
    the years and how accomplished and amazing they all turned out to be.

    WYR: Laura these are getting very lame, I am boycotting them!

    1. ps I love the post it notes in the book!

    2. awww come on, mama! give me a wyr answer. Is it possible that this is an awesome wyr and you just dont know who the people are... oooohhhhh boo ya!
      yes, we loved those leaves! and we also used to pile up the dried grass clippings at nshs and jump in them.

  3. I love those Cora pictures. It looks like she is getting plenty of ruffage. I have to agree with Jean on those WYR's, not at all thought provoking like some of your others.


    1. Kelly, Scott and I just discussed tomorrow's WYR and i think it is somewhat thought provoking. so, make sure to answer it!
      and vote... it is another ridiculous photo competition!

  4. So cute and sweet!!!! I hate that I missed out on babysitting this sweet girl! I agree with others...WYR is lame on this one!

  5. Is that John Goodman, as Walter Sobchak, behind Kara?

    - David