Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Ridiculous Polaroid 3

Welcome back to another edition of 
The Ridiculous Polaroid.

It looks like Christina won again. Seriously, how could she not? Here are the past two photos that brought her to victory.

To level the playing field a bit I am going to take Christina out the the running this time. 
To her fans: don't worry. I promise you she will be back with a vengeance.

Without (much) further ado here are your 3 choices for most ridiculous photo. Please be sure to cast your vote in the comments section!

#1 They are patriotic. They have on shorts that are made of shower curtains. They're wearing super dorky socks. And one of them has on the world's largest hat. They are Kelly and Laura!

#2 My what tan legs you have! Nope, I'm wearing shimmery, super-tan panty hose. Those ridiculous pink gloves have come in handy when I need to dress 80s these days because, yes, I still have that entire outfit. And whooooo doesn't like a good jazz hands pose? That is what I want to know!

#3 An unlikely candidate enters the competition today, my friends. Jenny Rose is about as normal as they come. She was stylish when she was young and somehow she managed to avoid terrible bangs and glasses. Her downfall was that she spent way too much time with me. My sister and I weirded her up  the best we could. Here is a photo of me, Kelly, and Jenny Rose singing "I Wanna Be Rich" by Calloway. This is actually a screen shot from the video. The video is, by far, one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. This laser-backgrounded photo does not convey how weird we were.

It looks like someone (me!) is going to get a win no matter how you vote. I wan't trying to guarantee a win (although I did). I just wanted to make sure that all of the embarrassment doesn't fall on the very lovely shoulders of my lovely, lovely friends and family!

Who is it going to be?

#1 The patriotic duo
#2 Pinky McJazz-Hands
#3 The sunglass squad

 In case you missed the earlier episodes you can find them here and here.

One more thing before the WYR- don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight. If you go to bed at 9pm change your clock to 8pm just before you go to sleep.

My advice to those with babies or pets- don't try to get them ready for the time change. Just change the clocks like you are supposed to and soon enough they will get used to it.

I wish I could give you more advice on how to prepare your baby for the time change, but I can't. Last year, I consulted a number of people, spent a long time thinking about it, and practically wore out Google trying to figure out how I could change my clock little by little to prepare Cora for the time change. In the end, I changed her schedule by 15 minutes every few days. And guess what.... somehow this doofus managed to get Cora 2 hours off schedule instead of the 1 hours everyone else was off. Good luck with whatever method you choose!

Now, let's talk Would You Rathers!

WYR... 80s-looking lasers mysteriously showed up in the background of every photo you were in
every 4 hours (except while you're asleep) you had to stand up and sing the entire song, "I Wanna Be Rich"?

... come on people, I know these questions are ridiculous but you know you want to answer them! 


  1. I vote for the patriotic duo! The giant hat tipped the scale for me.

    1. Giant hats always put a hurtin' on their competition!

  2. #1 PATRIOTIC DUO - the shorts, the hat - too much!!

    WYR: SING "I WANNA BE RICH"- i'm guessing that if you don't know the words you will myteriously know them when it come time to sing them every 4 hours.
    They are some real doosies those photos!
    i hope you will be skyping this weekend?

    1. I was trying to figure out what you (Laura) were holding's the Peter Spier book "We the People". I think we had just been to see him at Jaberwocky (Stafford ex-pats - remember that store) and got him to sign the book.

  3. Isn't that laser picture from the McDonalds up at Potomac Mills? I think I have to vote for the dorky patriotic picture. That is an interesting WYR. I'm not very good with photo shop. It would take forever to get rid of the laser background on pictures that I want to keep. The singing wouldn't be so bad because it's predictable, you know when it's coming and you can warn people or maybe leave the room. I'm going with that one. Now if it were a Tourettes type deal and you didn't know it was coming that would change everything......very thought provoking.

    1. you are correct, dad! You took us to the grand opening of teh McDonalds at potomac mills for the free video. we loved it! I dont know why you didnt join us!

      I like it when you give me the details of your WYR thought process!!!

  4. If #3 does not win in a landslide then I am with Nietzsche: God is dead.

    1. I'm nervous for you, Richard. It looks like the patriotic girls might win this one.

  5. I know I am not helping with the vote but I want all three to win!!!! Also, WYR, definitely the lasers.

    1. What a nice vote, Louise! You had better check with your mom to see if she has any ridiculous photos of you that could be entered into the next competition!

  6. Love all of these....are you still going with the stance that your hair was not red?

    1. I swear it still doesn't look red to me. Which one looks red to you?