Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Organization Overhaul Is Just Around The Corner

January in Never Listless town is going to be a fresh and clean month. It will be a major Organization Overhaul.

For now, I am putting bandages on my organization problems. But when January comes, it will be time to fix the problem permanently with some organization surgery.

Let's take a look at one of my recent bandage fixes.

The Junk Drawer!

Everyone has some sort of junk drawer. Mine is in my kitchen. It is supposed to hold pens, scissors, tape, floss (sorry, we're gross- we have it in the kitchen for those stinkin' popcorn kernels, broccoli bits, and asparagus skins that love to tag along in our pearly whites), note paper, q-tips (gross again- it is for booger patrol on Cora), baby wipes, etc. It ends up being the dumping ground for change, various tools and hardware, and all sorts of other random things. So, every once in a while it needs a good de-junking.

So, I tidied it up. When Organization Overhaul comes along I will take a look at what the problem is and try to figure out a permanent solution.

Here is the beautiful junk drawer after:
Unfortunately, there is a little babytoddler who can still reach it. 

Why not take a little gander at one more hideously disorganized area of my house...

The Pantry!

I love organizing... love love love love love it. So, you might wonder how something that I see so often could be so disgustingly messy. Well, a little over a year ago a little baby by the name of "Grabby-Hands Get-Into-Everything-McGee" entered my life. It was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, but not so for my poor pantry. As she gets taller and her reach gets higher we just keep moving the pantry items up and up. Yes, we could tell her, "heck no, lady. Your paws aren't allowed in the pantry." But I like her to explore and she loves opening and closing doors like nobody's business. We are in the kitchen a lot and the pantry door is hot real estate. And, so it goes... Ms. Grabby Hands goes a-grabbin'.

I did my pantry cleaning magic and turned it into this beautiful thing:

The Pantry After
Here she is playing with one of the things I leave on the lower shelves for her- an apron. 

Well, there it is, my friends!!! Are you counting down the days until January's Organization Overhaul?

Go ahead and make yourself a little list organization to-do list to get ready to go overhaulin' wild in January!


  1. There is no better feeling than cleaning out a drawer or closet even if they don't stay that way for long.