Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playdates: How To Make Them Happen

After you have a baby you get to a point when you are desperate to talk to other moms or anyone who isn't drooling all over themselves and crying for your attention.
You also want your baby to start learning how to socialize with other tots.

This phase hit me around 5 months and it hit me hard. All of the sudden I started googling, asking around, and trying to figure out ways to get Cora around other children and me around other moms.

Here are some things that worked well for me and a few other ideas:

We all know that I am a library groupie. But, this was, by far, the best thing for Cora and me. She loved listening to the librarians read and sing songs. She loved getting to play with the other babies (READ: trying to steal other baby's toys). And I loved talking to other moms, dads, grandparents, nannies, whoever.
I signed up for a few different mom and baby meet up groups in my area. I was so nervous signing up. I'm not quite sure why, but I was. They had soooo  many activities going on all the time. I never actually went to any of them but there were lots of great options. It seemed like people were really involved in the groups and  that everyone had a great time getting together. This is also a great place to learn about activities and events in the area.


For a short period of time, I was the creepy mom who was trying to make every parent I saw at the park my best friend. I decided that this was the only way I could meet other moms, get advice on naps, talk about what food my baby should be eating, etc. I was wrong- there are tons of other ways to meet other moms. But if you aren't into the library (HOW COULD THAT BE?!?!?!) and you just want to casually friend yourself up this is a good start. Moms and babies live at the park. And, in my experience (even with my creepy "yeah I'm smiling at you- do you want to be my friend" face on) there are a lot of moms who want to chat and be your friend.


I did not find any playdates for Cora or mom friends for me this way. But I know of a lot of people who have. There are plenty of mommy and me yoga classes. There are also lots of great prenatal yoga classes that you can take where you will meet moms to be. Stay in touch if you find other women that you get along well with- especially if their due date is close to yours.

Prenatal hospital classes
This is similar to the last one. Scott and I took every single class that the hospital offered. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Thanks again, Scott, for going along with my crazy, overpreparedness! We met plenty of great couples who would have been perfect couple friends. But we didn't realize at the time how nice it is to have couple friends with children close in age to your own. Learn from our mistake... if you meet a couple who is having a baby around the same time as you and you get along well do not let this slip through your fingers. Exchange numbers, emails, whatever and get together. You will have lots of stories to trade and you can get your playdates going!

Amy Poehler, you're funny. Awesome shirt. source

Mommy Groups
There is a website in Charlotte called Charlotte Mommies. I joined it when I realized that I needed mom friends. It is a great website with lots of wonderful resources. Just like, I didn't ever do anything with it. But I think it is a great place to start.

Singalongs, Music Class, Gymborees, etc
There are plenty of activites happening in your community. And, guess what? A lot of them are free!!!! Go! Enjoy! Your baby certainly will. And there is a good chance that you will meet some great people along the way. Even if you don't immediately at least you are out of the house and your baby is getting some time to try out her social skills. In this post, I gave you a link to a free Gymboree class.

This blog had some photos from Charlotte's own sing-along guru, Mr. Nigel.

Look Around! 
There is a very good chance that there are other mamas and babies in your neighborhood. Go for a walk! Meet them! You don't have to be as spazzy as me... every once in a while I would see a lady walking around my neighborhood with her stroller. I never saw her when I was walking around with my stroller. So, one day I looked outside and there she was. I grabbed Cora and ran out the door. Don't worry- I played it cool. I acted like I was checking the mail (at 8am). Oops- not so tricky. I'm a spaz, but I am a spaz who met a new mom and baby in my neighborhood!

Be Outgoing! 
When you find a way to surround yourself with babies and their caregivers don't miss a great opportunity. Try to make friends, exchange phone numbers, email addresses or find each other on Facebook. These people are probably out and about looking for friends and playdates too! Don't be nervous. Just try. What's the worst that can happen?

Does anyone have any other tips? I am so glad that I put myself out there. I met an awesome group of women who all have babies close to Cora's age. We get together a couple of times a week and I enjoy every single one of them! I wish you the same luck! 

The Would You Rather Question of the day!

WYR... every time you walk into work you have to say, "I know that's right" pretty loudly
whenever you see a bird you say, "yo yooooo boyyyyy" (pronounced "boy-eeeeeeee")?


  1. Laura you are so funny! I am LOL about the WYR question. I think Scott had something to do with that one! Every time I read it i break out laughing...people are starting to stare!
    I love that you are willing to give anything a try to meet other Moms - good for you!
    I think that little girl in the first photo is trying to get Cora's Dora doll. (Cora looks absolutely adorable in her polka dot dress btw and her hair looks very pretty). What a Happy little girl. Have you been playing up the Grandad Ross visit?
    OK I think I can answer the wyr question without any more loud laughing: as much as I would love to say I know that's right every time I would not want everyone to think i was completely insane, so I am going with yo yo boy when I see a bird, that seems a safer bet.
    Thank you for these wonderful blogs!

    1. Thanks, mama! That WYR was all mine!
      Yes, I played up Grandad's visit a lot and she was happy to see him and Suzan!

  2. Can't wait to use these tricks once stedman comes out! I would rather do the bird yo yoooo boyyyyy

    1. Stedman is going to have so many playdates he isn't going to know what to do with himself!

  3. You are a spaz, but luckily you are also the most awesome person on the planet, so everyone obviously wants to be your friend. I was very impressed with how quickly you friended yourself up this summer.

    WYR: "I know that's right." Everyone knows professors are mega awkward, so what difference does it make what I say?

    I'm very happy to be back on the internet after waiting for 6 hours today for a technician to come fix my internet. And the fun's not over yet! Now I have to wait on the phone to talk to a customer service person so that this won't happen again in another month.

    1. I know that's right!
      I'm happy you have your internet back too. Have fun with the customer service!

  4. No comments from me since I don't have kids so I will just do the WYR...I think you know which I would pick..."I know that's right".