Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Favorite Cora Photos! 3 to 4 Months Old, Part 2

I am back with another post for the grandparents. I always want to call myself "we" when I am blog writing. It slips in sometimes but don't be fooled. It is just me.

This is another edition of my favorite Cora photos where she if fully dressed in every single one. YAY for teenage Cora!

That little lady really could not get enough of the mirror on her play-gym. She has some exciting conversations with the girl on the other side of it.

The smiles did not come out a lot for the camera when she was this young. As soon as she saw the camera she would go into zombie-mode, intense about finding a way to get that camera into her mouth.

I think this was her first restaurant experience. She loved it and wanted to try to stand the whole time.

Aunt Kelly and Grandad poured the kisses on baby Cora while we were in Savannah, GA celebrating Dr. Kelly!

This is outside the Telfair Museum in Savannah. Scott's parents thought he was going to be a girl and planned to name him "Telfair" after his kin. Scott's people, the Telfairs, are big in Savannah.

Cora was totally fascinated with noses at this stage. If you were willing to let her explore yours she was sure to get at least a finger or two up it.

Scott was pretty into this car. My dad even asked him a Would You Rather about this car vs Wake Forest sports. Surprisingly, the car won.

Aunt Kelly loves that baby!

Big eyes! That is what every person who meets Cora likes to say... "Whoa! Look at those big eyes."

Cora was happy to get to spend some time with her Grandad!

Mrs. Smiles

Hello you sweet baby you!

Yoga baby, lover of peace

Ohhhh! That holidays are upon us! This photo was from a family stroll around the neighborhood checking out the Christmas lights

Big eyed giraffe baby!

Big mouthed giraffe dad!

Onto the Would You Rather of the day!

WYR... that your nickname be dumb dumb head (everyone calls you this)
stinky pants?

I am slowly rewinding the years and going back to elementary school.

More Cora time:


  1. What a lovely collage of baby Cora, my how she has changed.
    wyr: stinky pants

    1. Good. I will start calling you stinky pants as soon as I see you next!

    2. I think you will after you read my comments today....!

  2. Dumb dumb head, for sure. Love the Cora photos! I really needed them today!

  3. Precious pictures!!! How fast a year goes by!!
    WYR....Dumb head, hands down...not sure anyone would choose stinky pants on