Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Favorite Cora Photos! 6-7 Months Old, Part 1

Month 7 was the end of February to the end of March. In those 30ish days that little baby changed a lot. Mainly, she was smiling a lot more and starting to get that hair factory on her head working.

This one cracks me up! It looks like she is took a photo herself for her Facebook profile.
Just tryin' to play it cool. 

Peak-a-boo head!

My sweet little baby!

Such a happy girl! 

Smiley happy people holding spoons! 

Here she is saying, "I know that's right!" 

A thank you card of Cora eating a duck.

Smiley Aunt Kelly and baby Cora!

Number 1!! 

Karate moves. 

Mrs. Big Eyes is still at it. 

This photo is called, "WHAT? I'm in a bucket? At least I have chubby legs!" 

Eeeee! That smile makes my heart jump! 

Laaaaid back! Playin' it cool with sweet potato face.

Someone loves their Grandmama! 

Me and my mom- just crackin' up about stuff. 

Kisses from my dad man! 

What a cutie when she's just woken up. 

That little lady lovvvved her DJ Walker! 

Sandra Dee and Cora! Two smiley gals.

You can get more Cora time here:


  1. Love those sweet baby photos. Such a happy, smiley, big blue eyed little baby girl.
    I love her!

  2. Very nice having the monthly archive. I do believe Cora's life will be very well documented photographically.