Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OO: More Closets

A couple weeks ago, I showed you the before and after of my master bedroom closet organization. Then, I introduced you to my husband's underwear drawer. It was weird, but it happened. Let's move on.

Today, we are going to check out some beautiful organized closet love and one of my Organization Overhauled closets.

Ahhhhh! Just add a lovely color to the background and it instantly becomes beautiful!
It certainly doesn't hurt that it is super organized and has some adorable dresses.

Here are a couple of kids closets with fancy paint and wonderful organization.

It is time to take a look at a very well organized walk-in. I did a little detective work and I find it a bit hard to believe that the owners of this closet only need to hang up 12 items, but have at least 15 pairs of shoes.

Don't you worry, this one appears to have the appropriate ratio of hanging items to shoes.

And one more kids closet. Very fancy!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are 3 closet tools that I'm into:
Dividers for things like underwear and socks.
ps this is not my underwear drawer.

Put tension rods up in hidden spaces in your closet for things like scarves and belts. 

Another drawer divider.
One more tip: roll t-shirts so you can see more of the front, so they don't wrinkle and so they fit better.

Are you ready for some before and after action?

I took the cards I use the most and put them in a very accessible spot. They are in fruit baskets that my sister brought me from Michigan because she knew I would be able to use them for something. Good thinking, Kelly!

It has been a couple of days since Cora was on the NL scene and I have to keep the grandparents happy. So, here's my little apple-eater.

Ahh! It isn't over yet. Make sure you answer...

Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question:


have terrible nightmares every single time you sleep, but wake up feeling refreshed
wake up feeling tired, but you had wonderful dreams?


  1. I like seeing your closet clean-ups, I sometimes see things that I wondered what happened to, like the bedside drawers you painted brown. Like the baskets from Michigan. And of course the little "Aussie" eating an apple. Don't forget this Sat. is Australia Day, time for vegemite/ANZAC biscuits/Tim Tams/Mint Slices & Lamingtons and for Cora to wear her Aussie shirts.

    1. Thanks for the aussie day reminder. I'll see if I can incorporate that into my Saturday post!

  2. Another good one!!! You are on a roll sister!!!!

    WYR....hmmmmm....I am going to say....wake up feeling tired but had wonderful know me...I don't like to me scared! lol

    1. you're on a roll!

  3. When you put the house up for sale your closets should look just like the afters, especially the one with five things hanging and fifteen pairs of shoes.

    1. Excellent advice! I wish you could see my closets today... and the garage has never looked so good!