Wednesday, January 2, 2013

OO: Some Of My Favorite Organizing Tips & Tricks

Day 2 of 2013 and I am already a good deal more organized than I was on 12/31/12/. Have you adjusted to writing '13 yet? It usually takes me until at least February.

Organization Overhaul is back and it is time to get straightened up!

Every other day or so Organization Overhaul (OO) is going to make an appearance on Never Listless. There is plenty of organizing that needs to happen all over the world. So, let's work together and get it started!

Here is a random before and after I found using my trusty friend, Google Images. I wrote Before and After on the photos because didn't want to leave my other pal (Microsoft Paint) out. 


Today I am just going to share some of my favorite organizational tips and tricks with you! But behind the scenes, I am working like a mad lady to get my closets cleaned, my computer organized; I'm even working toward turning my garage into a place that I'm not totally embarrassed of. And I'm doing it all for the sake of Organization Overhaul. Well, that and the fact that I am a big fan of an organized house!

Here they are... Some Of My Favorite Organizational Tips & Tricks

  • I love organizing! Love it!!!! But I have to be in the right mood to be really productive with my organizing. Here are the thing that help me make the most of my tidying time:
    • Put on some comfy clothes!
    • Turn up the music
    • Choose to organize at a time of day when you feel most energized
    • Try to plan it so you can have a whole day or at least a few consecutive hours to work your organizational magic.
    • If you only have little bits of time try to break up your organizing into small parts. Just do one quick shelf here and there.
  • Take a look at the things that are causing your organizational trouble. Then fix it. Here are some examples:
    • Are you always losing your keys? Have a bowl for them right at the door.
    • Do you knock over about 30 random things when you step into your garage? Me too! Don't worry; I'll address that when I get to OO: Garages!
    • Are piles taking over your house? Make sure everything in your house has a home! 
    • Do your baking sheets sit in the drying rack forever because they look even messier in the cupboard? Get a tray divider like this one.


  • Label everything
  • Put it away now! Stop looking at that pile of clutter and wishing it would magically put itself away. Stand up, pick it up, and put it away! Yay!!!
  • Make your messes prettyUse nice baskets, colorful paper or paint to beautify the area that you need to organize. At the very least, it makes for a good after photo! 
Check out this beautiful before and after from House Of Smiths.
A pantry that pretty would be much easier for me to keep looking good!

  • If you are like me you have all sorts of cool mugs and pottery that are in boxes. Pull them out and use them in your medicine cabinet for cotton balls or on the desk as pencil holders. Let those beautifies have their time to shine!
  • My two biggest pieces of advice: 
    • put like with like, always
    • give every item a home- even if it is a box labeled "random stuff."

Don't fret. I have PLENTY more tips and tricks that I am going to share with you in many Organization Overhaul posts to come!

I have a post about Christmas 2012 coming in a few days. Here is sneak peak of my cutie baby on Christmas!

Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question!
Always have to say "whatcha think about that" when you answer the phone
always have Richard Simmon's enthusiasm?

Happy birthday to my wonderful father-in-law, Mike!
In honor of his birthday, yesterday, I taught Cora how to repeat after me when I said, "Hap Brrr Day, Pop."


  1. When you are all done at your house, please feel free to come to mine!
    I love the cutie baby picture!! Hope she had a great Christmas!!
    Loving all the tips!!!

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    2. Yes, of course I'll come organize your house. I don't have anything else to do! She did have a great Christmas! I hope you did too!

      ps Mary posted some top secret information along with her WYR so I had to take it down. But her WYR answer was Richard Simmon's enthusiasm.