Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Entertaining Herself... 16 Month Old BabyToddler, Part 2

Last week, I dazzled your minds with a few of the ways Cora has been keeping herself busy. I am always interested in hearing what other babytoddlers are up to so I can find new things Cora can try. So, in case anyone else is doing the same searching (or, more likely, any granparents want to see photos of their granddaughter), let's take a look at part 2.

Here is what has been keeping Cora occupied recently:
  • In our living room we have a huge stash of musical instruments. Cora loves going through them and playing the harmonica or shaking the tamborine. Scott got her a wooden piano for Christmas. Banging the keys on that bad boy is her new hobby.

  • Dancing. Usually there has to be music on or someone has to say, "dance, Cora." But sometimes I find her stomping her feet and droppin' it like it's hot out of nowhere.

  • Pulling everything out of its place. Books, tupperware, pots, toys. She could keep herself busy with this one until the end of time. We are working on the idea of cleaning up. But we aren't quite there yet. 

  • As you just learned, Cora likes a mess! If your name was Cora you would think piling things on top of other things is where it's at! Cora loves to take books and toys out of one area and pile them on top of chairs or put them under seat cushions. If she can find a bag to sort her items into that is the best!

  • Talk about Dora! Cora has never seen Dora on TV. But, a few months ago she commandeered a Dora doll from my in-laws' house. She calls her "Durr Durr" and won't let her out of her sight. The girl can spot a Dora in public too. It is amazing. We were walking top-speed down a street the other day and all of the sudden Cora started screaming "Durr Durr." We told her that Dora was at home. But she insisted Dora was around. So, Scott took a few steps backwards and, sure enough, there was a tiny Durr Durr on an apron in a store window that I could barely even see. 
She also wraps Dora in blankets.
  • Letters. Cora was given Fridge Phonics for her birthday and she loves it! She knows a few of her letters pretty well and is constantly running around holding them and showing you what she has. Her favorite thing to do is find the letter D and say "Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad." If you don't like hearing things repeated you should probably not hang around at our house.

  • That little babytoddler of mine has a mini magnadoodle that she thinks is the bee's knees. It is pretty tiny so she can't do much drawing on it. She really likes it when you write a letter on it so she can run around screaming "dad" or "mom" or whatever the letter might represent to her.

  • Trying to put clothes on. Cora does not like getting dressed. She does try to help by sticking her arms through the holes and handing off objects that might get in the way. But she hates it! So, I am always surprised when I see her pick up an article of clothing and spend at least 15 minutes trying to put it on and take it off.

  • Pushing things around the room. If you like to hear the scratching noise of furniture being pushed around on tile then come on over! Because you will certainly find this little lady rearranging the house all around.
This baby does wear some random outfits, but this one isn't as random as it looks. Cora is not, in fact, Amish. She is just wearing a sweatshirt over a jumper because she saw her favorite dog shirt and really wanted to put it on. So, I obliged.
  • Get in things. Boxes, ottomans... if she thinks there is any chance she can fit in it she will give it a whirl.

Grandparents and Aunt Kelly, I hope that satisfies you for a while! Now, to encourage more Cora-filled more posts go ahead and answer the weekly WYR!

Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question:

have the ability to become invisible whenever you want
be able to magically teleport yourself anywhere you wanted?


  1. Yes, Yes. This is a good post. What fun things Cora likes to do.

    wyr: DEFINITELY TELEPORT!! I am waiting for the day when we can beam yourselves up and down like Spock. I love going to Australia but hate the long flight!

  2. I love this one!!! so cute to see what Miss Cora is up to!!

    WYR....become invisible

    1. thanks! I think you might have your WYR wrong though. Being invisible would be cool but wouldn't you like to be able to instantly be transported anywhere you want?

    2. No...I really think invisible..especially at work

  3. Great post! While I was there in December, Cora enjoyed getting in the basket ottoman in the living room and dancing (combining two of her favorite things) as I sang about what she was doing: "Stomping in the basket, spinning in the basket, standing in the basket" etc. Can't wait to see her again soon!

    WYR: Teleport

    1. She still loves to do that and will say your name every once in a while when she's doing it.
      I didn't include that one because it wasn't an example of her entertaining herself. I'm glad you shared it though because it is one of her favorite things to do!

  4. Teleport. Keep the Cora stuff coming - more Cora, less decorating is the formula.