Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introducing The Guest Bathroom, Part 2

Welcome back to the world of bathroom introductions. Did you not know that that world existed? It does.

I am going to start you off with something super exciting...
a shower curtain. Yep, it's brown. Thrilling, I know.

Yesterday, I showed you the cabinet transformation. We also checked out some snazzy other new things like the countertop, the faucet, the sconces, the mirror, the painting and the new color on the walls.

Today, let's finish off this bathroom extravaganza by taking a look at some custom shelving, a couple of can lights, and a little decoration.

I knew that the old medicine cabinet was not going to be a keeper. 

I envisioned it being replaced with long, open shelving. I explained my idea to handyman Dave. He took a few measurements. And soon he was back with this glorious thing!

In another post, I will give the details of how I made the boxes that are in the shelving. Until then, here's another photo.

The bathroom was a bit of a dungeon before the sconces joined the party. But the sconces didn't help the dungeon-ness of the actual shower. So, I had Handyman Dave remove the two can lights that were directly above the vanity. He put in two new ceiling lights in the main area of the bathroom and closer to the shower so the shower got more light.

I have saved the best for last! Guess what this bathroom has?!?!? We didn't even realize it when we put an offer on the house or we probably would have paid double!

Seriously! Who knew that it was really a possibility to have secret passageways in your house (aka every kid's dream). Speaking of secret passageways I practically had a real one at the house I lived in as a teeny tiny baby. Hold your horses... I will post about that soon. Mom, Dad, Kelly, Aunt Betsy, don't ruin the surprise yet, please!!!

I am not quite sure how to attempt the laundry chute photos, but I will give it a try soon!

Here is the cost breakdown:
1. Countertop $150
2. Faucet $65
3. Shelving supplies $50
4. Paint (for cabinet and wall) $45
5. Decorative items in cabinet (I had most of them left over from the candy bar at my wedding) $5
6. Towel bar $15
7. 2 sconces $120
8. Ceiling lights $30
9. Etc (plumber's putty, light boxes, etc) $60
10. Canvas $15
11. Mirror $60

= only $605 and I bartered with my handyman for his work so I didn't have to pay any extra for labor!

And a howdy do to you and your bathroom extravaganza! (ps I don't know what that <---- was supposed to mean, but that's the way this post is going to end).


  1. It's such a tranquil room. Nice job! How did you remember the price of everything after all this time....oh silly me, you had a list somewhere!

  2. Love the open shelving, my fav part

    1. Me too! The laundry chute is a close second though.