Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun Times In The Last Month Of Pregnancy

I have 7 close friends and family members who are having a baby within the next few months. That is craziness! It is baby city around these parts!

Here is my advice to you lovely ladies:
For the last month of your pregnancy, do something fun every single day. Do something that you won't be able to do (easily, anyway) when you have a newborn baby.

Scott and I tried to do that during our last Cora-less month. And, this will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me and my listing-ways, I wrote them all down!

ps I do realize that you cannot say for sure what day is the exact day that you can start your one month to baby count-down. Cora came almost a week late, but in my procrastion-fashion, we didn't start our fun times spree until about a week after her due date. And that, my friends, gave us exactly one month to get all of our fun times out.

Let's take a peak at what Laura and Scott think is fun! I'll just take you through the highlights.
  • Went to the movies to see the last Harry Potter movie.
  • Sang karaoke at home to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michael Jackson.
The next day, The RHCP called and asked us to tour with them.

  • Interviewed eachother on video about what we thought having a baby would be like.
  • Played frisbee and took a nice neighborhood walk.
  • Spent some time on the hammock where Scott tried to teach me how to whistle.

  • Watched the dairy dancers sing and dance at Harris Teeter. One of the Harris Teeters near us has an awesome display of different dairy products personified. If you press a button they sing and dance to songs that it sounds like 3rd graders may have made up. You can often find us standing in front of the display and giggling on a Friday night.
  • Played the game Stratego (laura won!)
  • We did art projects. Scott made a picture on the computer of one of our ultrasounds with a steering wheel looking like it was driving me around. When I was pregnant he would always ask me, "how is that baby driving you around today?"
I made a creepy photo of what our baby should look like. I cut up photos of Scott and I when we were babies and combined them to make this scary photo.
In case you're wondering: Scott's body, my eyes, my lips.

  • We ate dinner outside. Scott made Indian food. So, we turned on some fancy Indian music and danced around likes spazzes too. This one should definitely also be done once you have a baby so the baby can learn early on how embarrassing parents can be.
  • We went to our rock and relaxed. Just looking at this photo makes me calm. I love this spot!

  • We did a mini pregnancy photoshoot with self-timer. This is another one you should do as a family to encourage your kid to be a bit strange.
Somehow we both jumped at the same time. The other magical thing about this photo is that it somehow erased my almost-9-month-pregnant belly. And we are wearing sombreros, because that is the normal thing to do.

  • Scott and I both took turns painting what we thought our baby would look like. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. Scott apparently thought there was a chance that I was going to give birth to a cave man.

Scott likes to paint cave men while shirtless.
  • We had some friends over for game night!
  • We went to a field of sunflowers and then went peach picking.
Scott decided to pal up with the flowers and pretend to be one of them.

So, to summarize: my advice to all of you pregnant folks is to be total weirdos for the last month of your pregnancy. I guarantee that you have heard no less than 500 times how much your life is about to change. It is true. Good stuff is to come. Try not to leave all of the fun and weirdness (pictured above) behind when the baby arrives.


  1. Excellent post! I love it! I had completely forgotten about your terrifying pre-Hockpea art projects. You two sure know how to have some fun.

  2. Ever since you have said "have fun every night till baby comes" at our house, Tyler REPEATS it let's just say lots of eating out, and going to the movies has been happening at the Hart household...thanks for the advice little momma! And the ideas on what to do..I like the video tapping action...Mr. Celeta would be proud!!! --Mali

    1. Now that is what I like to hear!!! Go get your video on! I know you got a new video camera for Christmas!

  3. I didn't realize just how weird you two were/are but it sure looks like you had a ton of fun and it really was a great idea to do all those fun things. They represent what you both seem to love the most. I really enjoyed this post, you both look so happy and in love.