Friday, January 25, 2013

OO: 10 Outstanding Office Oraganizing Tips

Organization Overhaul time is here on this lovely Friday morning!

We are going to be checking out some outstanding offices today! 

  • You know that I love to maximize my storage space. People sometimes call me "Laura Uses-Vertical-Storage-Space-Like-A-Champ Spencer."
Get to it! Make the most of your wall space by going vertical. Get to storing!

  • This will not be the first time that I have told you that things look more organized when they are in pretty boxes or container. So, splurge on some matching containers from Ikea, The Container Store or wherever. You could also wrap them in burlap, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or modge podge photos of your best friends all over them. Whatever you do- if you store your stuff in the open make sure it is something you will smile at when you see it!
FYI- you are not required to get a computer monitor from the 1980s just because you have nice matching boxes.

  • Cords, cords, cords. Go wireless and cordless where you can. When you can't, organize the heck out of them so they don't get knotted up and hidden and terrible all around!

Label each cord on a bread clip.

Use binder clips to make your cords accessible. 

  • Make a desk or office area that fits your needs. 

If you only have enough space to fit your desk in a closet that is just fine! Look how lovely it can be!

DIY your desk out of 2x4s and storage cabinets. This way you can make it fit exactly where you want it.

 You could definitely DIY this desk too. I think it is a pretty sneaky one!

  • Label everything! I ALWAYS have random receipts or papers floating around that are important but don't have a home. This is the perfect solution. Get some binder clips and label them. They can now be the catch-all for your important floater-documents!

  • Beautify even more! Don't just pretty up your storage boxes. Keep that double sided tape or glue stick going to your pen collection.

  • Keep the things you use most accessible. 
You could use a peg board. Or clip boards.

You know that's right... pretty those clip boards up!

  • Keep a list of the addresses you send to most next to your address labels, stamps and cards.
  • Sync your calendar with other people who might need it.
  • Last, but never ever ever least... back up, back up, back up! Please go do it right now! Back up all of your important computer documents and photos before you accidentally spill your water all over your computer and lose it all!

How is your office looking these days? Do you have the lovely organized boxes that I dream of?


  1. I am so inspired by these organizing tips. I think you need a cool looking house tho to begin with. Some of these things would look funky in my house. I do like the clip and cord organizers.
    Keep up the good work Organizer Lady.

    1. I never thought about that, but I think you're right- those ideas fit best in funky houses

  2. Is Scott going to have blue floral wallpaper in his closet office? Lots of good tips!

    1. Scott is designing his floral wallpaper as we speak.