Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm All Up In Your Hizzie: Mini Edition & A Baby Shower!

A little over a week ago marked the start of my baby shower marathon! I have 7 close friends who are having babies within the next 3 months. Craziness! It is baby central around here!

My friend, Lauren, is due in less than a month! And her shower was the one that kicked off all the baby-celebrating-goodness! 

Are you wondering where the "I'm All Up In Your Hizzie" post fits into this? Well, I am glad you wondered! My friend/ old boss (previous boss? she's not actually old!) hosted this baby shower in her unbelievably beautiful house. I just snapped a few quick photos with my ridiculously terrible camera and I am calling this a Hizzie Mini Edition! When I get a proper camera I will be sure to go back and capture the rest of her fancy decor!

Let's start with a photo of the glowing mama-to-be!
Gotcha- that was a Where's Waldo photo of her. She is to the very far right of the photo. 

Here she is again; this time, opening presents. Someone gave her a painting that was made from one of her ultrasound photos. Neat idea! You wouldn't have had a clue that it was an ultrasound unless someone told you. It just looked like a funky modern painting.
This photo doesn't do Lauren or the painting justice. They are both even more beautiful in person!

In case you are interested, here is the artist's contact information from the back of the painting.

Someone made a fun little baby out of fruit as part of the food/decoration.

There were even babies swimming in icing on the cupcakes.

Luckily, Christmas was barely over so we got to see Shauna's beautiful tree.

Now, onto the Hizzie Mini Tour!

Here is one side of Shauna's office. Isn't it gorgeous!?!!

This one is from her upstairs hallway.

I also took a few photos of her eight year old son's bedroom. What a neat room! I'm not sure that an eight year old can appreciate that awesome hounds tooth rug, but I certainly can!

I am sorry to disappoint and not have more photos of her fabulous house or of the happy mama to be, but I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into the world of fun baby showers and fancy houses!


  1. I wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge will have a baby shower? Will the Queen give her one?

  2. Shauna's house is beautiful as always! I hadn't seen McRae's room since she re-did it!
    I love the sonogram painting!!! Such a great idea!!!! You guys got the shower in, just in time!

    1. Yes, her house is amazing! You're right. Lauren wasn't wasting any time!