Thursday, January 17, 2013

OO: Tips & Tricks: Bathrooms, Part 2

Yesterday was Part 1 of Organization Overhaul Bathroom Style. Today, let's take a look at part dos. I was going to say deuce instead of dos, but decided that might be a little too much since this post is about bathrooms. And then I told you anyway- oops!

  • Turn your jewelry into art!

  • To keep your drawers tidy, make your own dividers with boxes. You can use chocolate boxes, business card boxes, jewelry boxes, check boxes, etc. You can even use egg cartons. Any box that is pretty shallow should be a good option. 

Here is a sneak peak at my bathroom drawer.

  • Use what you have; no hoarding! I am trying to go through all of my little hotel bottles (oh yes, I keep them all!) and use them up. It feels so good to finally not have any miniature toothpaste tubes.
  • In the shower, change out your bottles to simple ones like these. It doesn't really help organize things, but look how lovely they look!

  • Get a nice shower organizer so your bathroom products aren't all fighting for space and constantly falling. Look how tidy this one looks!

  • Reuse your peanut butter jars! Other ideas- pickle jars, pasta sauce jars. And, that is your lesson for the day on what comes in jars.
  • As pretty as those pickle jars are, get all your pretty rice bowls and other knick knacks out. They are practical and lovely to look at!
  • Put hooks everywhere. 

lovely blue door from here
  • If you haven't already filled the back of your cabinet door with all of the tips I gave you above, add some hooks to it for your jewelry!

  • If you are really strapped for storage, add shelves all over the place!

I'm a big anti-waster. 

When we were growing up, the person who ate every bit of food on their plate was given the Clean Plate Award. I am also pretty competitive so my plate was almost always spotless! 
Being an anti-waster and an organizer is not the easiest thing in the world. 

Luckily, I have surrounded myself with other anti-wasters and can pawn off some of my junk on them! My sister will take most of the bathroom things that I don't want anymore. My fabulous handyman (mentioned here) will take any extra hardware-related stuff. My best friend, Mali, will take any VHS tape I have (she loves them!!!). My father-in-law will take anything. And the Craigslist-freebie-stalkers will take the rest of the stuff! 

Is there anyone out there who wants to be on my junk delivery list?

Now, let's get personal. I am about to show you the ins and outs of my bathroom vanity. 

Here you go- a fairly anti-climatic bathroom cabinet makeover:

My headbands are always floating around my bathroom vanity taking up too much room and getting in the way. So, I found a new hiding spot for them. I hooked those little buddies onto the pipe. 

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  1. Love the frame idea for jewelry!! I did some similar things for my drawers on Tuesday! Again, great tips!!!

  2. Wow, you really emptied out those cupboards.
    I just bought that Shower organizer and i love it.

    1. Oooh good to know! I may have to take a test drive of your shower organizer!

  3. You are a CLEANING MACHINE...get it!! I did a suitcase full of VHS tapes I think from you, which I now show at school, including PIPPI LONGSTOCKING!! love it.!!!--Mali

    1. Pippi was DEFINITELY in the pile! that one is a keeper!