Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Secret Agent Man!

The house that I lived at when I was first born was made for super secret spies. That isn't exactly true, but my dad did add one pretty stinkin' awesome feature to it.

A secret hide-y-hole behind a bookcase! 

I will give you a moment to get over how awesome this contraption is and how stinkin' adorable my sister and I look (OK, mainly me... Kelly appears to be missing the entire top row of her chompers and my headband is really helping me hide my bowl cut).

Right after Kelly was born my dad decided to rip off the roof of our house FYI- February in DC area is probably not the best time to be roofless. That year they had tons of snow. My dad made up for his bad timing by building this secret hiding spot behind a bookshelf (aka the only place anyone would ever possibly want to hide when playing Hide And Seek!

Someone must have seen my dad's awesome work and decided to one-up him with this fanciness. Well played, Apartment Therapy.

Word spread fast about the awesome "hide things behind a bookshelf" idea and someone pulled the big copycat with this guy.

These people have a whole other thing working here with their super cool take on "The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe."

Another secret playroom. That teddy bear looks like a pretty ferocious bouncer.
Does this not look like the coziest little reading nook ever?

This one is on a different note. You can't fit people behind that coat rack, but you can hide your stinky, dirty, no good shoes.

Hello to you, secret guest bedroom/ reading space.

I cannot tell you how bad I wanted this when I was in 6th grade. Ikea made something just like it and I wore out about 30 highlighters circling it in their catalogue. When I found out a friend of mine who lived in my neighborhood had one I started practically living in her house so I could study how it was built and make one on my own. That never actually happened since I had zero experience in carpentry unless you consider stepping on A LOT of nails in construction sites carpentry experience.


If this had been around when I was a kid (or existed in an Ikea catalogue) I would have gone insnae! Do you see that door by the chair? That is a secret little nook area

Here is a photo of a kid livin' it up in his secret hide-y spot in that very bed. That kid is livin' large, real large.
If your carpentry skills, like mine, only consist of stepping on nails and sweeping up saw dust you can always build your own awesome hiding spot out of a table cloth!!!!
Seriously! How cool!?

Now, it is time for Wednesday's Weekly Would You Rather Question!
On Sunday Scott gave a couple of tips on how to write one so I am sure you are all experts by now. Feel free to send me over a couple good ones for me to use in the future!

have super awesome carpentry skills
be amazing at Sudoko?

I wasn't joking when I said I would happily take your WYRs. You see what I'm working with here!


  1. This post was hilarious! I really enjoyed all the cool photos and your funny comments.

  2. I've seen that one that's the big white cabinet with a bed inside. It is everything i want in life, and yet i'll probably never have it. Im surprised you didn't take any pictures of The Secret Place at my parent's house for this post. PS 'the secret place' is the most original name for a cubby under the stairs there ever was

    1. dah! how could I have forgotten to take photos of "the secret place" while I was there!

  3. The picture of you and Kelly in your hidey hole brought back great memories. The main difference between your secret place and all the others was the level of craftsmanship.