Monday, January 14, 2013

Chandelier City Is In The House!

Who's excited about looking at some chandeliers? I am!
It is hard to find a unique chandelier. I am always on the look out.

I did a bit of perusing and here is what I've come up with.

Some are DIY and some of them happen to cost one million dollars. But, all of them are somewhat unique. 

This one was DIYed using two planters.
Pretty clever, if you ask me!

You can find Mrs. Ratan (below) at for 240 buckeroos.
I think she could be DIYed though.

This one kind of reminds me of a salad bar. I do enjoy a good salad bar. I'll probably just take a trip to Shoneys instead of paying the $400 for this guy from Ballard Designs.

Another possible DIYed chandelier/ pendant. 

Cute popsicle chandelier. Not quite dining room material, but it's neat.
source: Bored And Crafty

I love the look of these pendants. They would make such a cool chandelier if you put them all together.
For some reason, they remind me a little of Pizza Hut. 
You can buy them at Ballard Designs for $189 each.

I am way off! The Pizza Hut chandelier looked like this:
Does seeing that make anyone else smell the distinct smell of 80s Pizza Hut pizza?

Yarn chandelier balls! Fun stuff!

An easy and cheap recipe for a fun and funky chandelier: find a slightly cheesy brass chandelier, spray paint that bad boy and hang.
source: accidicted2decorating

Another cool birdcage-looking chandelier. This one was from West Elm. But, you lost your chance... she's a goner.

$300 worth of sparkliness from Horchow.

Another pretty drum light.
Horchow seems to be my go-to place for chandeliers, especially ones that are more than I want to pay.
This one is $395. Certainly not out of this world, but it would drive me crazy that I could DIY something like it for much less.

And, last but not least, a cool faux capiz DIYed chandelier. 
source: Remodelaholic

Is anyone inspired to make their own chandelier? If so, make sure you send me photos of your finished project! You know I like a little DIYing!


  1. Love all of these ideas....I think I am going to paint my dining room one instead of buying a new one!