Thursday, January 31, 2013

OO: Tips & Tricks: The Garage, Part 2

Organization Overhaul (OO) Garage Edition, Part 2 is in the hizzie. Last time we checked it out it had gone from this before photo to this slightly less terrible after photo.

Oh my goodness I cannot believe I am sharing that insanely insanely disorganized mess on the world wide web. President Obama, overt your eyes.

This garage was not going to get organized in one big clean. It will take at least 2 more big chunks of time to tame this fella. Every self respecting organizer knows that things have to get a little messier before they get clean. 

Since you last saw the garage it took a turn for the worst. I started pulling everything out and it stayed this way for a couple of weeks. A deck cleaner jar leaked all over the place and someone (most likely me) stomped it all over the house and there was quite a bit of mopping to get that situation under control. But don't you worry folks, I now have a handle on the situation.

Here's Messy Bessy (I just named my garage Bessy, stay with me) after I started yet another sorting process. And a photo of her lookin' a little better.

ehhhhh is anyone impressed? Anyone?
I know I didn't work any magic on Messy Bessy, but I gave it a decent shot. And, it was raining... hard! No one wants to be in a humid garage with freshly washed and straightened hair!

Check out that rain!


The main thing that I accomplished was moving large chunks of the murphy bed (yes, this one) out of the garage and under my bed. 

It used to exist here, below the painting of an old-timey cat in a suit and in the back of the garage.

It now lives here. Ohh hello... is that a murphy bed sticking out the end of your bed? Darn! Yes, it is! I measured the doors and they fit perfectly under the bed. But, the darn sides are taller and I forgot to take that into consideration.

To make sure you all stay tuned through this fascinated tiny step by tiny step garage clean out process I am also going to include some cool organization ideas for the garage.

garage- screw the lid of plastic containers to the bottom of a shelf

Let's get this party started with a little Tool Organization:

This idea is basically the epitome of garage awesomeness. I like to think that this idea is the reason I have saved every single jar that has ever come into my possession. In case you were wondering, jars come into my possession on a very regular basis. I clean them and hoard them. Then, one day, Scott will open a closet door and 5,321 jars will explode out and knock him down (kind of like the Dick Van Dyke walnut episode- photo below). Scott then tells me that I really need to get a grip on my jar collection. So, I say goodbye to about 6 of my least impressive jars and then we start the whole process over. I have big plans for those jars... BIG BIG PLANS!

Back to the photo... the idea of tracing the tools at the spot where the belong is also pretty awesome.
Now, a photo of the Dick Van Dyke walnut episode mentioned above.
A magnetic bar for your tools- clever!!
You don't have magnets, but you do have a little extra PVC pipe floating around? Well, screw that sucka into a piece of plywood and keep your tall boys in it.
One more photo of the glass jar action. And, just in case you were hoping I would talk a bit more about my jar collection I would like to reiterate that I have been saving both glass and plastic jars. I am not convinced that it is a good idea to literally have glass jars just floating all over the place especially when you are a big spaz like me.

Are you telling me that you really weren't into the magnet idea I showed you above? OK I present to you the idea of hooking your tools onto nails. That is probably the whole reason that all tools have that hole, but I am just putting this together.

I am a big lover of chalkboard paint. You don't need to waste your time opening the drawer to check what's in there. Just write it on and never question it again.

I cannot be the only one in the world who is always on the look-out for a good spot for my lose lumber? It is wood scrap galore in my garage and I never know the best way to store them. This one does a pretty good job.

I know how this works... I've got to leave you wanting more. So, don't you think for a second that I am going to give away anymore garage organization idea. You will just have to wait until I get the courage to tackle part 3 of my own garage. Until then, Happy Thursday! Who is ready for the weekend?!?

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