Saturday, January 5, 2013

OO: The Berenstain Bears And The Messy Room

Since this fabulous book was the one that inspired my whole Organization Overhaul (OO) I figured I had better present you with a little book report.

So, here goes:

Oh look how clever... the messy room book is surrounded by a mess!

I wrote my name in all of my books.
And, when I was older, I had a cataloguing system where I numbered each section of books and then each specific book got a number. This one is 15 5. That is a normal thing for a 3rd grader to do, right?

The summary of the book is below:
"When small bears forget to pick up, store and stash, some of their favorite things end up in the trash.

The book starts off talking about how clean the bears' whole house is, inside and out. 

Even the basement is clean!

Wait, all except one part... Brother and Sister's room.
Their lair is the messiest!

Mama Bear got Spring Fever and decided to put an end to their stinkin' disaster area. During her initial inspection, she opened a closet and it exploded onto her. By the look in her eyes, I think she had a concussion!

Usually, Mama Bear would clean up after them. But Mama Bear was tired!

And, those crazy kid bears... they were ah-arguing and being messy. 

Mama was TICKED with all capital letters.

Mama said, "Oh HECK NO! We are going to put an end to this!" She marched in this a serious death stare and a huge box. 

The little bears were scared. Mama didn't care. She was a bear on a mission. She called all of their toys junk and tossed them into the box.

Papa Bear heard the commotion and came running.

Papa Bear said, "you kids need to stop actin' the fool and start cleaning up after yourselves."

Apparently all it took was Papa Bear hitting the scene. Finally, those little bears were starting to get the message. Then the whole family worked together to make some awesome organizational systems. 

At the end, like every self-respecting organizing master, they stood back to appreciate their work:
a pegboard, a Papa-built toy box, toys lining the perimeter, and hanging from the ceiling...

and, the piece de resistance, the shoe box closet!
This is the page that is engraved into my mind!
It is the page that I compare all of my organizational afters to!

Who else loved this book? Did it make you an organizing machine, like me?

Never Listless Public Service Announcement:
Blogging every day is hard work. Please excuse the fact that you are going to start getting easy posts like this one more often.


  1. It never hurts to review a good children's book.
    You know i never knew that before(or I forgot) about your cataloguing system. I had a similar one when I was younger. I think I used the first letters of the author tho, more sophisticated!!
    I think you should blog about funny stories from your youth ie high school years, especially the one about the project you did!
    Keep up the good work

    1. I wish you had told me about your fancy catalogue system!

    2. I mean... told me when I was younger. So I could have implemented it!

  2. The cataloguing system is hilarious. I didn't know you did that. And I love the Cora photo at the end!