Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Favorite Cora Photos! 7-8 Months Old, Part 1

Cora time!

That smiley little baby is the queen of wearing t-shirts from the 80s!

This photo cracks me up. Scott looks like he is intent on bowling Cora forward. 

Just taking a walk in my diaper, NBD (no big deal).

Cora and her cousin. Cora is CRAZY about her. She talks about her constantly! 

Hey! What's happening over there? 

Sneaky face! 

Big eyes is in town!

Happy birthday sign for Grandmama! 

The love she has for that walke = insanity.

She loved it so much she would push it around and try her best to get in it. 

Big smiles when she made it in! And, as always, huge eyes.

Silly girl! 

Lunch at Panera- Mom forgot to bring a toy. So, she got a spoon and a mustard packet (while we kept a very good watch on her).

Easter dress! 

Another happy birthday sign and a wave for Grandad! 

Easter with Boo and Pop! 

3 generations. 

One more family shot for you. 

Here she is after her Easter egg hunt. And, let me tell you those eggs were hidden in the trickiest of places (like 3 feet in front of her or on her foot). 

Schhhhhweeeeety Baby! 

Grandmama came with way too many Easter goodies. 

Here she is checking out the Easter goods, which included a fancy new headband and, Grandmama's favorite, a Vera Bradley purse. 

More Cora time:


  1. Got to have a VB purse!
    These photos ae so much fun to look back and see how much she has changed.

    1. I agree- lots of fun to see how she's changed!