Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Favorite Cora Photos! 4-5 Months Old, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I made my family happy with a post about

Today, I am going to finish off this Cora-filled process with Months 4-5, Part 2.

Take a seat and get ready for some cuteness!

Cora wrote the note. I took the photo.

Surprise! Babies fit in mail boxes! 

Cora flashing the big eyes again. With her Pop. 

My happy little baby! 

Silly faces all around. 

A day for the history books... Cora gets her first library card! 

 Making silly noises.

She has approximately 4,000 times as much hair now as she did then.

Just doin' a lil reading! 

Bath time! 

Kiss patrol! 

Grandmama and Mrs. Big Eyes 


When I found out I was pregnant, this outfit was the first thing I bought. 

I'm not sure why I bought this outfit, but she sure is a cutie in it! 

Who is going to stop me if I show you one more cowgirl photo. 

Smiley baby with her Grandmama! 

Another cute bathtime baby. 

That walker was her favorite thing ever! 

More kisses!!!! 

The sleeper!  

This photo is entitled, "big eyes gets her foot in her mouth." 

Eye popping machine. 

My sweetieeeee! 

Kisses from Boo 

That concludes another edition of my favorite Cora photos. If you need a little more Cora in your life, there are plenty more to see:


  1. That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!! Love those big eyes! That was a pretty darn cute age, but you're right, every age is better than the last.

    1. At the time I didn't understand it but looking back at these photos I see why people were always saying, "wow. she has such big eyes!"

  2. That looks like one very much loved little girl and the cutest one of all.
    Everyone says enjoy every minute when they are little cause they grow up so quickly.
    It is hard to remember that little tiny (?) baby when you see Miss Cora now.
    My heart just melts!

  3. Love all the Cora pics!!! Such a cute, happy girl!!