Thursday, December 6, 2012

Entertaining The Baby... Dressing Up Bianca

You know I love keeping my little babytoddler entertained.

These days, Cora's favorite things to do are to talk about shoes and throw dish towels on the floor as flat as she can get them.

She also still squeals when I tell her we are going to the park. Then she starts saying, "Wheeeeee."

Sorry the photo is a little blurry- the girl's a fast swinger.

The other day I decided to do a little flipping through my book, 365 Activities Smart Babies Play. And, by "do a little flipping" I mean that I busted out my highlighter while I was on the Stair-Master at the gym and circled the page called "Getting Dressed." I guarantee that if the gym people were to refer to me they would say, "Oh, you mean the lady who carries around the crazy tab-filled notebook and her entire marker collection." Everyone knows that is normal stuff to have with you at the gym.

A while ago I bought some butcher paper (or Ikea's equivalent of it). I got it out and put it on the floor. Cora was interested! Until I made her lie down on it while I traced her. That was not her favorite part.

Are you wondering why this post is called "Dressing Up Bianca"? You should be. It is weird and random. I will get to that in a minute.

Next, we went to Cora's closet and she picked out some clothes. She really wanted some overalls that were sticking out of the "Girlfriend, you don't fit in those clothes anymore" box. The overalls were one of the many items that my mom held onto from when Kelly and I were little. Unfortunately, Cora never got to wear them. And apparently she never forgot.

Then I drew a face on Bianca. Why Bianca? Because I named about 15 girls names and when I said Bianca Cora started laughing and smiling and trying to repeat it. So, Bianca it was.

Sorry, Bianca, you have no neck.

I put Bianca down on the floor along with a pile of clothes and Cora got to work.
I may have straightened the clothes out a little bit.

Bianca was stylin'!!!

Bianca apparently likes to wear a lot of layers and carry around a blanket/stuffed animal Rudolph.

This activity was certainly no dish towel that Cora could throw around and it definitely wasn't a trip to the park. But Cora seemed to enjoy it pretty well. So, I rolled ol' Bianca up and put her in the closet for a rainy day.

The idea behind all of this was obviously helping Cora learn where certain clothes go. She's pretty good at telling you where items of clothing go when you ask her but I thought she might like to put it into practice. 

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