Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYE Party Decorations And Music!

New Year's Eve is just a day away! It is time to get to decoratin'!
If you aren't interested in decorating but you are interested in hearing one of the best playlists ever made then you are in luck! After all the pretty pictures there is some happenin' music that a guest star helped me put together.

Tape balloons to your wall and make your abode classy!

Serve your guests clock pizza!!!

Ooooohhh more balloons! A balloon maze- very fun. Quite possibly very annoying though.

Maybe you could write "2013 goals" instead of "2011". But wouldn't it be kind of cool to have a board where everyone could write their resolutions?! If you need help setting a resolution or sticking to it check this post out.

Once again, be sure to get your numbers right. But, make sure you snazz-up your house with some gold-ribbon dripping decorations!

Confetti food!!! THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

Picture this: You're getting ready to celebrate 2013 making its way to town. You put down your champagne flute and some turkey picks it up and starts drinking out of it. You may be so upset that you go home in tears. Or maybe you deal with it like a normal person. Either way, why not just mark your cup. You could use a marker although your host may not appreciate that. You could use a wine charm. OR!!! or you could bring a game to your delightful New Year's Eve party.  

See those little clocks on the bottom of the glasses in the photo below? Go ahead and make yourself something like that. But on each clock mark a time. Then, every 30 minutes or whatever interval you have marked on the glass, the person with that time on their glass has to stand up and tell everyone their resolution for 2013 or say something that they particularly enjoyed about 2012.

That's right people, I just made up a New Year's game to blow your party's mind.

And Music! You know I couldn't leave you without a playlist for your fabulous event.
Lucky for you, my sister (the playlist master of the world) is visiting me right now. Somehow, I convinced her to spend the last 4 hours working on this sound party with me. She has some serious playlist expertise. So, you will be sure to enjoy the following New Year's Eve playlist. 

FYI This playlist may lead you to believe that I only know songs from the mid to early 90s. And, you would be correct!

One more thing: there is a surprise after the sweet playlist. 

  1. The Zombies- This Could Be Our Year *Start things out nice and slow for your party people. But don't let them forget the theme of the party... The New Year!
  2. David Gray - This Years Love
  3. The Beatles- I'll Follow The Sun
  4. Cyndi Lauper- Time After Time
  5. REM- It's The End Of The World AS We Know It
  6. David Bowie - Golden Years
  7. Foo Fighters- Next Year
  8. The Outsiders- Time Won't Let Me
  9. The Thrills- This Year
  10. The Beatles- Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
  11. Peter Bjorn & John- Young Folks
  12. Dressy Bessy- It Happens All The Time
  13. Beck- Where It's At *Oh, what! I'm starting to bob my head a little. I think I might be ready to hit the dance floor.
  14. Whitney- I Wanna Dance With Somebody *No, she didn't! Whitney's playing. I am really feelin' it.
  15. Madonna- Lucky Star *Heck yeah! It's Madonna. Grab all your girls and get on the dance floor.
  16. Michael Jackson- Billie Jean *No one can resist dancing to Billie Jean
  17. Janelle Monae- Tightrope ft Big Boi
  18. Lady Gaga- Just Dance
  19. Outkast- Hey Ya
  20. Britney Spears- Toxic
  21. The Pointer Sisters- I'm So Excited
  22. Young MC- Bust A Move
  23. Skee Lo- I Wish
  24. Big Tymers- Still Fly
  25. Kanye West- Good Life
  26. Billy Joel- Running On Ice *Billie Joel. A very random choice but I did it.
  27. Lionel Richie- Dancing On The Ceiling *You were just running on ice. Obviously, it is time to dance on the ceiling.
  28. The B-52s- Love Shack
  29. Spice Girls- Never Give Up On The Good Time
  30. TLC- No Scrubs
  31. Prince- 1999
  32. Blondie- One Way Or Another
  33. Michael Jackson- Remember The Time
  34. Dire Straits- Walk Of Life
  35. Huey Lewis And The News- Back In Time
  36. fun- We Are Young
  37. B.o.B- Airplanes
  38. Bill Medley- Time Of My Life
  39. Bill Withers- Lovely Day
  40. Alphaville- Forever Young
  41. Starship- It's Not Over ('Til It's Over)
  42. Beyonce- Countdown **during the New Year's Ever Countdown
  43. Pink- Raise Your Glass *this song might get you dancing again. That's OK. Go for it. But be ready to cool down again.
  44. Vampire Weekend- Horchata
  45. The Lemonheads- It's About Time
  46. Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
SURPRISE: Not only is my sister the #1 playlist playa' ever she is also very generous with her time. Get ready for this... she made a Spotify playlist of the fabulous New Year's Eve music above. Now, you can listen to it yourself without having the songs. She would like me to note that Spotify did not have actual Beatles songs so she had to get covers that are not nearly as good. There are a couple other covers on there and we had to let track #12 (ol' Dressy Bessy) go because Spotify be-a-hatin'.

If you have Spotify, just click here and it will take you to the playlist where you can listen your heart out! If you don't have Spotify and you want to download it click here. It is a pretty short process.

ps My sister would like to let everyone know that she provides a free service of making awesome playlists for you. But you don't get a choice in what's on them.
pps I made this playlist in Winamp because everyone knows that 90s music sounds the best on it.

sources: wall balloons, clock pizza, balloon maze, 2013 board, 2012 goldconfetti chocolate bark, clock game


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