Monday, December 24, 2012

Awesome And Over The Top Christmas Lights

The plan was to show you some awesome Christmas lights and some over the top lights. It turns out there may not be a difference between the two. Even the tackiest of decorations are still awesome in their own way. So, I am just going to present them to you in one giant massively-electrified list and hope that you enjoy! Make sure to say your awww baahs out loud.

So pretty! It almost looks like fireworks!


 FREE CANDY! The better not be pulling my leg with that sign!

 Where do you possibly store all of this?

A Christmas-Light-Dinosaur! AWESOMEEEEE!!! 

Beautiful in such a tacky way! 


Their neighbors love them. 

I'm pretty sure these blow ups are making the house fall down. 

This one makes me smile.  Seriously, I just found myself sitting here and smiling at it like a creep for a solid minute.

Oh my goodness. 

I love the hanging lantern-like lights. 

It looks like computer animation from the 80s. 

This one makes the major dose of 3rd grader that I have in me very happy! 

This house may or may not be on fire. 

Happy Christmas Eve!!! Now, go get your hot chocolate brewing, pull up your holiday playlist and get yourself ready for the big day!

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  1. People are awesome. I wish those houses were in my neighborhood.