Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Costumes, Holiday Parties And A Little Griswold Talk

My friends, Rob and Morgan, throw amazing parties! Morgan just got her Masters Degree so they were ready to do some serious celebrating. And a holiday party was perfect timing.

They are some ridiculously festive, fun-party-throwin' people. In the invitation, everyone was told to dress up as their favorite holiday character. My imagination escaped me for a minute and I assumed our only options were reindeer and frosty the snowmen. Scott's mind immediately went to Yukon Cornelius.

Next, he thought of Cousin Eddie.

So, I scrounged through my "Halloween Costume Box" and came up with some ideas. As time got closer, Scott realized that the Cousin Eddie robe we had picked out might be a little too revealing for such super duper long-bodied dude like himself. So, I pounced on the idea. I made a cigar out of construction paper. Then I googled to see what brand of beer Cousin Eddie drinks (FYI it is Brau Meister). I made a little replica of the can and taped it to a soda can that Scott's dad had just finished and left to recycle at our house. I borrowed Cora's tiny hat. I threw on a pair of Scott's longest boxers. Dusted off some old boots and temporarily left our vacuum hoseless.
Ta-da! I had a costume!
uncle eddie costume beer cigar robe
Sorry I have a little girl's leg coming out of my arm; that you can't see the hose to my tank or my boots.

I thought Cousin Eddie was a pretty clever costume until another Cousin Eddie showed up at the party!

I also took it upon myself to come up with a costume for Scott. For some reason, we had some Santa shorts in our Halloween box. So, I went with it... Scott was to be "Australian Santa" in a Santa hat, Santa shorts, and a short-sleeved shirt; carrying a tube of Vegemite; wearing flip-flops and sunglasses.

Onto Cora's costume... I had the perfect dress and jacket for her to be Cindy Lou Who.

And Cora's hair was what inspired the costume in the first place. I often do Cora's hair like Cindy's hair in the Jim Carrey as The Grinch movie version (minus all of the fancy braiding, of course). So, a costume was born.

Morgan made a rather impressive Santa for being such a tiny, little lady. And Cora was thrilled to see Santa hanging out. She was almost as excited about Santa as she was about their cat.

The Holiday Trifecta: Cindy Lou Who, Cousin Eddie, and Santa Claus

Rob's costume was pretty funny, but a bit R-rated. He was the Saturday Night Live character played by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg.

We only got to stay at their fabulous party for about an hour because we had to get home to get Cora Lou Who off to bed. But we did get to enjoy their awesome decorations and some of their tasty food. I even helped out a little by stacking Morgan's candy cane brownies in the shape of a Christmas tree. I threw on some M&M ornaments. I was looking for a tree topper and Morgan suggested popcorn. So, the Brownie Popcorn Tree was born. 

It may not have been exactly what Morgan had in mind. I certainly am good at making things look like they were put together by a 3rd grader! 

Would you say this is as pretty as the Christmas Tree Treats I showed you last week? 

Because we were just there for a short time, we missed out on all of the fun games they had arranged for. They had turned their backyard into an elementary school field day! Those crazy kids are just as festive as the Griswolds!

So, let's give Clark and his family another look-see!

Not an inch went uncovered! 

The Griswolds went popcorn-crazy on their Christmas tree!

 Here's a little National Lampon's Christmas Vacation tidbit that I bet you didn't know...
There is a scene where Clark is in the attic watching old family movies. The set of those old family movies is actually the exterior of the Bewitched house. If you want to see more of the Bewitched house check out my mini tour of it.

And, to wrap up our Griswold Gander, let's take another peak at Cousin Eddie... this time donning a black dickie under a white sweater!

Only 4 more days until Christmas!!!
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