Monday, December 3, 2012

15 Fantastic Nurseries For Boys!

A couple of weeks ago I posted two photos of boys nurseries in honor of one of my best blog-commenters, Christina. Today, is her birthday!!

She posted a mood board of sorts over on her blog last week. But let's pretend like she is still looking for some inspiration and take a peak into the world of Baby Boy Bungalows.

Boys nurseries I love:

I think the colors in this nursery are fantastic. It never hurts my feelings if you throw in some chevron curtains too!

Stripes on the ceiling- very unique! I love it paired with the dark wall!

Another organe one! The clouds picture that looks like it was made on some sort of graph paper is calling my name. So is that funky lamp at the bottom right. Although I would like to see how long the things on the bench would last with "Ms. Grabby-Hands Gets-Into-Everything McGee."

So, it turns out that I am not a hater of stripes on the wall nor do I think orange stinks. But how could I possibly turn this nursery down with an awesome dog pillow like that?

A grouping of picture arrangements like the one above the changing table always makes me happy. And, as you may have guessed, I am digging the chevron stripes behind the crib.

Hey, Hey! The colors in this one remind me a bit of Cora's nursery! But I think their nursery took a left on Classy Circle and mine took a right on Funky Street.

Different sized stripes... clever!

What a fun and cozy nursery!

Another cool grouping of pictures! And I love that modern glider!

A blackboard and the name ROSS! Fantastic!

Funky and fun. Cora would have a ball hitting those paper lanterns instead of sleeping!

I love everything about it!

Another chalkboard and an amazing orange chair. Very diggable!

Stripes! Fantastic!

This one is way too traditional and classy for me but I still love it!

Well, there they are! People always complain that decorating boys rooms isn't as easy as girls. But according to the photos above, it can be done!

Happy Birthday, Chands!!!
photo taken from her blog, ApartmentFever

ps this really is not any sort of hint. I am not pregnant. I just thought this was a fun post in honor of Christina's birthday!

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  1. Thanks! Lots of inspiration maz, GREAT bday present