Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm All Up In Your Hizzie: Holiday Edition #4

You all are some lucky people! You have already seen 3 fantastically decorated Holiday Houses (Mary, Becca, Deanna). But guess what... I have one more for you!

Do you remember Angela (aka Angus) the 2nd grade writing genius who told of "geeks in the tolet"? I sure hope so! She (nor her writing) is worth forgetting. Well, that writing genius is also a holiday decorating genius and she has opened up her home to NL! Unfortunately, that lovely lady lives in Louisiana; many miles away from me. So, she did the pointing and shooting of these photo ops.

Here they are... Virginia-Tech-Lovin' Angela and her has-to-always-make-a-silly-face-in-photos husband, Carson.

I would call Angela's style "Nature meets cozy. Let's repurpose some stuff." Ask Jonathan Adler- that's a style. Angela and Carson are big on keeping things simple and turning things that they already have into holiday decorations. As you will see below, they are festive in a unique way!

Let's start our Angus house tour off in what the people call "Santa's foyer": The Fireplace!

Here is a day time view of Santa's Foyer. Angela (with a lot of help from her mother-in-law) sewed the stockings. They bought wooden letters that they painted to mark their stockings- an A for Angela and a C for her husband, Carson. The store was out of the letter T for their dog, Tenley. So, they improvised and used a toy to mark Tenley's stocking.

Here she blows in the nighttime. All lit up!

The welcome sign is something that she made for her super cool wedding. She saw the idea for the framed ribbon star on Pinterest. Carson built the neat pallet table.

Here is their beautiful front door!

Burlap-wrapped presents! So pretty!

Angela already had these manzanita branches in a vase in her house. But she decided to fancy them up with some crystal and use them as a centerpiece. And, just in case you need to hear it one more time... I sure do love a good branch decoration!

Here is another view of her beautiful table!

I think it is deserving of a couple more looks!
A lot of the other decorations on the table were gifts they received from their wedding.

Here it is in the day time. Look at that gorgeous table!!! That table alone deserves its own "I'm All Up In Your Hizzie" post.

Here is Mrs. T for Tenley Dog all dressed up as Rudolph and clearly loving every second of it!

Thanks again Angela and Carson for letting NL in on your awesome holidayness!
And one more thank you to my three other crashees for letting me all up in your hizzie!

Only 3 more days until Christmas!!

And one more thing... a little birthday shout out! Happy Birthday, Sizzay!!!


  1. Very simple yet elegant!
    I love that we are getting to see some of your friends decorations. You have enough friends to do the 25 days of Christmas decorations like an advent calendar.

  2. just now catching up on all the posts I missed (well I don't know if I will get to ALL of the ones i've missed...I haven't been able to check in every day lately but hopefully I will get better) THANKS for the b-day shout out!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)