Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas Tree Topper

It seems like people either go the star topper route or the angel topper route. Those are classic and you can't really go wrong with them. But why not brand out a little. I think we all know what I am talking about here... put an OCTOPUS on top of your tree!

Preferably one whose eyes aren't quite as mean-looking as the one below.

Not into the octopus? How about a cute little mouse?

Or a Santa hat to let Santa know you're thinking about him.

This funky reindeer was for sale on Etsy as a topper. 
I'm pretty much a fan of any topper mounted on a spring.

It's not called a "topper" for nothing!

Now, let's look at some slightly more traditional options:
The bow!

The bow gone wild!

The long and flowy bow. 

Traditional with a twist! Bead City!!

You could make this guy out of pipe cleaners!

And you could make this lovely lady out of hangers. 
That's not what they did here but I can see it happening!

Do you have any unique tree topper ideas or is your angel/star out of this world?

Only 3 more weeks until Christmas!

Here at Never Listless, I have been sure to not neglect the holidays. So far, I've posted about:

Next week, I'll show you how my Christmas decorations turned out and what we used as a Christmas Tree Topper!

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  1. Our tree topper has for many years been a lovely angel we purchased from Behnke Nurseries in Beltsville Md. We made it a tradition (before we moved to VA) to go there each year after you and Kelly were born and get photos with Santa and buy an ornament. I always had the angel on top of the tree and a little koala was always next. They are both there on our tree today.
    Can't wait to see your lovely tree and special topper. You have some more ornaments heading your way in a couple of weeks...know you are excited.
    I love the way you make these blogs so funny!
    You are a funny lady!

  2. I always assumed that that angel came from Australia.
    Thanks again for always commenting!